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The master cylinder is a control device that changes non-hydraulic pressure from a driver’s foot into hydraulic doing this, it controls another component called the slave cylinders located at the other end of the system.
As pistons passes along the bore of the master cylinder, this movement is translated through the master cylinder to a movement of the slave cylinder(s) through the hydraulic fluid. The pressure created by moving a piston toward the slave cylinder(s) forces the fluid evenly.
The most common cases of master cylinders uses are in brake system and clutch systems. In the brake situation,, the devices are cylinders found inside of brake calipers and/or break drums; these are called slave cylinders, and they push the brake pads towards a surface that turns with the wheel this could be a drum, or a disc most often referred to as rotor until the stationary brake pad(s) causes friction against that turning surface.

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