Chinese Man Who Converted Into a Muslim Is Now Official Chinese Ambassador to Kano?

1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 19-04-2019 08:53PM (1 year ago)

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I think these Chinese guys are coming to colonize Africa for second time after the Europeans and Americans had been done with us. This Chinese man had publicly converted his religion from Christianity to Muslim in a very public ceremony then a few months later he becomes the Chinese representative of Kano? Do you even know what that means?? That means the silly guy can lobby for serious government contracts for the Chinese government from Kano state and basically just enslave the state once again! Is Nigeria progressing or regressing? This is indeed very shameful on the part of the people of Kano. He is now having an official turbaning ceremony for his new post! Imagine!

o0OoStGHsbso0OoE1iL (f) at 19-04-2019 09:53PM
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WhaleDog (m) at 20-04-2019 01:43AM
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Chinese are criminals! You hear the word chincos better run for your life .They can do anything for money

james987 (m) at 20-04-2019 02:32AM
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Chinese will rule the world by 2030/2050 they are everywhere,every country,emerging,putting theirselves infront. Knights of the Templar. (New world order).
Makodama (m) at 20-04-2019 02:49PM
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Was he a Christian or a Buddhist? Just asking...