Save A Life : Read This To Know How

Date: 08-05-2019 10:43 pm (2 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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Imagine that you are on the road towards the rural areas, then you notice a car in front of you and it begins to drive erratically. All of a sudden, you watch it get off the road and fall into a ditch. What would you do next? Below are some of the things you should remember in case you are among the first people at the scene of an accident:

1. Make the area secure
Safeguard yourself and the one injured from additional injury by ensuring that your car is off the road. If it is not, then there is a likelihood of causing another accident as another car might come and hit it from behind. Also, if it is at night, you can get another person to alert oncoming traffic. He or she can stand about 50 meters from the accident scene and use a flashlight to notify motorists.

2. Call for help
Before leaving your vehicle, dial the emergency numbers. You may find that there is no cell service where you are. It is now time to plan for other options. Assess your location and get to know if you can have the service just around or if there is a home nearby. Let the person involved in the accident know that you are going to call for help and then get a way out.

3. Assess the victims
If you notice head, back or neck injury, do not try to move the victim unless they are in danger. The reason behind this is that the body could be hiding the injury and the victim could not be aware yet whether they have been injured or not. In case you want to perform Basic Life Support (BLS) including CPR, make sure you hold the injured limbs well when moving the person. You should only conduct CPR if you have the knowledge to do so. Until help arrives, keep asking the victim questions that will help you to assess their consciousness.

4. Watch out shock signs
Shock happens when the body has been traumatized hence lowering the heart rate or blood pressure. People who experience shock may have had a serious injury. You should watch out for signs like Clammy skin and pale skin, fast breathing, sickness or nausea, enlarged pupils, dizziness, anxiety or confusion. In most cases, if the person receives a shock, their heart stops you can do CPR as you wait for the medics.

5. Other things to do
Turn off the ignition of the crashed vehicle. This will cool off the engine and prevent further damages. Also, ensure that you do not go near a car that has hit an electricity pole as there could be live wires around. If the victims are bleeding, apply pressure on the wounds to reduce bleeding.

Those are some of the tips that you can use in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. If you happen to see an accident, always try to be of assistance. You never know you could be saving lives which could have been lost if you didn’t offer any help. Always remember to stay safe as you cannot offer any assistance if you are injured.

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