Queenscollege Student Sent Home For Wearing Eyelashes Says It Was For a Drama

8 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
-- (m) at 21-11-2019 08:18PM

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We reported the story of a Queenscollege student that was sent home by the school's security guard from the gate. We are now getting a new update regarding the situation, it is said that the girl with the eyelashes is said to be one of the smartest students in her class. And the eyelashes were actually fixed for a school play.

They also said, the school didn't even know what was happening, that it was overzealous security and one teacher outside were behaving like God almighty.

They said before the school main authority will know what happened, it had escalated and mummy had gone gaga

-- kacylee (f) at 21-11-2019 08:31PM
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she is a bloody and watery liar, why didnt she say that at the gate then

-- dareper (m) at 21-11-2019 09:42PM
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Quote from: kacylee on 21-11-2019 08:31PM
she is a bloody and watery liar, why didnt she say that at the gate then
u speak as if u don't know Nigeria mentality especially those illitrate ones that won't even listen to what u want to say.
-- Boi2Man (m) at 21-11-2019 10:23PM
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A channel of communication should be open not in that school but across organizations in Nigeria, the principal or vice principal should have been notified before any action.
-- Ulrichfrank212 (m) at 22-11-2019 07:24AM
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