5 Problems in Nowadays Education and The Ways to Solve Them

Date: 11-02-2020 5:11 pm (1 year ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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The education system has been a point of critique for as long as it has been around. From society disagreeing with the values taught in education, to disagreeing with methods or curriculum content, it seems the education system has never made everyone happy.

Recently, it has come to the forefront of educational debate that the world has moved forward but education has not. While some countries, states, and districts have tried to address this by adding some more relevant curriculum content, the actual school system is outdated.

Here are five modern problems in education and how we can solve them.

Underachievers fall through the cracks
Potentially one of the greatest problems with today's education system is that underachievers are allowed to fall through the cracks. Most curricula and educational systems are too fast-paced for those struggling to learn, and they often get left behind or ignored. The school system rewards and praises those who achieve well and scrapes off the ones who do not.

To solve this, schools need to address the needs of those who don’t achieve. Identifying them early on and finding the root cause of their particular problem can go a long way to actually helping them do well. It is far more complex than just lumping them all into the same special ed or remedial class.

Overcrowding is potentially one of the widest educational issues modern society faces. Even in first-world societies, teachers find themselves having to deal with an overwhelmingly large number of students in each class. This means students become nothing more than just a number, and teachers struggle to teach the individual.

Training a sufficient number of teachers, having a larger amount of functional schools, and paying teachers well can address this problem. Very few of today’s young people have a life’s dream of becoming a teacher because they know they will be subjected to a life of stress and low income.

Lack of safety
One of the most important things to consider when looking at problems and solutions in education is the safety of the child. In many countries, school-based violence is on the rise. This means teachers and students alike fear attending school in case that is the day their luck runs out.

Addressing safety concerns brings up the opportunity to use technology in education. Allowing students to attend school through correspondence courses or online video sessions can eliminate the peer-to-peer aspects that lead to bullying and violence. It also means that students spend less time commuting and have more time to enjoy life.

No time for fun
Modern students are snowed under. In society’s attempts to rectify what is considered the problem with today’s children, they are expected to do too much. Many children attend schools that require a long commute, do extracurricular activities their parents choose, and then still have heaps of homework.

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Allowing children to enjoy life as they grow up can actually improve productivity. In addition, today’s outdated curriculum sees students completing copious amounts of work that are unrelated to the needs of modern society. This problem needs to be addressed at a policy level to ensure children still get to be children.

Students are unprepared
Students are forced to attend schools and participate in classes that have nothing to do with what society needs. That leads to a case of forced education. When they leave school, they have no idea how to be functional citizens, leading to unemployment and poverty because they don’t have the skills and knowledge to contribute positively in an adult environment.

Once again, adapting the curriculum can address this problem. Going beyond just swapping out one subject for another, however, it may be necessary to start bringing in skills training courses for high school.

A course where children are sent to work in a business in their field of interest, similar to an internship, can allow students to better decide what they want to do, and gain them workplace experience often needed when applying for a job.

The modern education system is full of flaws, and there are an infinite number of critics to point out its shortcomings. However, pointing out flaws without providing solutions does not address the problems. Rather than merely accepting the problems that are very obvious and widely known, society and its leaders need to take steps in addressing the problems and implementing solutions.

These five problems are just the tip of the iceberg and offer some of the easiest solutions. While solutions may not be implemented overnight, and effects may take longer, it is important to address the problems anyway. The problems in the education system lead to problems in wider society, and it results in chaos and anarchy amongst citizens.

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