"Why I Do Not Regret My Love With My Ex-Boyfriend In BBNaija" – Mercy Eke Reveals

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Mercy Eke, the Big Brother Naija star, has continued to shine as a sought-after brand ambassador after winning the BBNaija Reality Show (Pepper Them edition) in 2019.

In a recent chat with Sunday Sun at Mega Plaza, Victoria Island, she stated why she turned down some brand offers.

She also opened up on her new ambition to empower young girls who have genuine business ideas, but lacked the financial capacity to start up, how to complete her Lambo Homes, and M&M clothing line.

Following your activities since 2019 when you won the BBNaija reality show, how has life been?
I thank God for all these. Life has not been easy, but also easy at the same time. I would not thread this jackpot lifestyle for anything. God has been great. I have been working hard, working on myself. I have also been trying to work on the stereotype of being forgotten after one year. That is putting me on my toe that I have to do extra things to remain very relevant in the industry. I just need to work extra hard to keep the tempo going. I am not taking anything for granted. I have had my worst times in this journey, but I give God all the glory.

What sort of bad moments did you have?
Bad moments could come in form of health challenges, family, relationship and mental crisis. These could be bad moments for someone. Most times, it is also for us to know that money cannot guarantee happiness. When I say, I had my worst times, don’t forget I am also human, I would have had a fair share of my personal challenges.

As a sought-after brand ambassador, have you rejected any endorsement since you came out of the House?
Yes, I have rejected a few brands. Some who would want to sign me on, but not willing to come to terms with my conditions. I like brands that do not want conflicts and work with all the ambassadors. Since brands pay millions to take their products to the next level, I have a responsibility to bring value to such works, but when someone likes to trade off conflicts, I do not like such. If brands do not agree to my terms, I might not work with them because I really want my peace as you can see that I am a work in progress. I would not want to work where peaceful atmosphere does not exist. I would not like to come to a shoot where people are all frowning, and that creates a bitter aura among the people who should collaborate. I would not want to be labeled a difficult ambassador to work with; so, if I see that from the onset, I might turn the offer down. But recently, Payporte unveiled me as their brand ambassador because we agreed on terms and conditions and I promise to represent them well. I dropped a lot of brands that could not meet up with my terms.

Apart from the millions you are paid as a brand ambassador, what are the other attractions?
Now, Payporte which is my latest offer is a big fashion brand, I went to their page and love what they deal with, I buy from them a lot even before we started the ambassadorial journey. When the offer came two years ago, I had my background check and felt it is what I can relate with. I like to work with such brands because they have a lot of beautiful and affordable outfits for all. Their brand relates with mine and we agreed on certain visions that we can work together on and that is it.

So, what new thing do you bring to the table when you are signed on?
The partnership is what I normally take to the next level. I like bringing values to the brands I work with. I am shooting a season two reality show that will go worldwide with time. It will air on African Magic 198.

Is the reality show personal or is it for Payporte?
I am shooting the Season 2 of Mercy Ekeh reality show which centres on my lifestyle, how I live, the things I do, the brands I work with. A reality show that is about my life, Mercy Eke, what next?

Is it a show modelling around Oprah Winfrey show?
It is a personal show that centres around me, myself and I alone, just like the Kardashian show?

What about your romantic life?
Right now, I am single, but not searching.

Take us into your lifestyle, who was Mercy Ekeh, where are you coming from?
Mercy Ekeh was born and raised in Owerri, Imo State. We lived as a family especially with my mum and sisters. All my schooling was in Owerri, Imo State. I graduated from Imo State University where I studied Psychology.

As a fashion brand ambassador, tell us about the things you like to wear?
My style in fashion is comfort, and not the price. The outfit on me today is from Payporte, which is comfortable, classy, sexy and beautiful. I love confidence in my style, it does not matter what brand I wore, it must be comfortable. Again, being sexy in what one is wearing is what fashion means to me.

What about our Nigerian designers, how would you access them?
I wear a lot of Nigerian brands when I attend events; they amaze me a lot; but I am here today for another business.

Do you regret your love in the house?
No, I do not regret my love with my ex-boyfriend. Love is a beautiful thing and that was a beautiful experience for me. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but life will always move on.

What did you do with the lockdown last year during COVID-19?
It was really hard, because I was indoors likewise everyone. I created content at the comfort of my home and put it out there. I was at home too working with the brands on social media.

Nengi is also a brand ambassador of Payporte, some people claim that both of you are not friends; how true is that and how do you intend to work with her?

Well, like we discussed this morning, we are having a photo shoot in Paris together. If we are not together, how would such hold? Most times, the social media create these stuffs.

Talk about the memorable times for you in Big Brother House?

I liked the tasks I got involved with, relationships, and the amazing people I met in the house that up till today we have built it into another bigger family. Some people came to the house for the fame, some came to do things to better our lives.

What drives you because you are multi-talented. Actress, model and entrepreneur?
What drives me is the hunger to help my family, people around me and be independent as a woman.

Now that you are here, are you in touch with the home to encourage much younger girls to be where you are today?
I just launched my Mercy Eke Foundation here in Lagos. I want to give out N5 million to young girl-entrepreneurs. It is basically for young girls who have genuine business idea, but do not have the money to facilitate their dreams. That will be my own contribution in my own little way.

Where would you want to be in the next five-10 years?
Maybe in my husband’s house…(Laughter). I want to have my real estate business ‘Lambo Homes’ completed. My fashion brand, M&M Luxury, which is a fashion brand that everyone can afford to be up there. My brand is all about making women beautiful. One does not need to break the bank before she looks good.

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