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Date: 21-11-2010 6:47 pm (10 years ago) | Author: El Sabio
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- oguejiofor at 14-01-2011 12:15 PM (10 years ago)
Quote from: Easy2000 on 16-12-2010 07:36 PM

You need to shut the hell up, big old man red
Before I beat u up and send u cryin in yo bed
u thought u hardcore and all that, but u aint save
I’ll prove it by beating you down to the mattress

You cant rap, and thats a fcukin fact
so just get off yo computer and stop yo motherfcuking act
Let d real rapper do his thing, cuz they no good act
if you dont that then  i'll give u a hard attack

and im speakin the truth right here
cuz bitch, when you rap, no one will really care
maybe you need another logout so get the hell out frm here
and man dont bother 2 reply cuz i will put the smack in your heard
u know i hate to do this, get my name right boi n maybe we can play.........
Posted: at 14-01-2011 12:15 PM (10 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- 50scent at 14-01-2011 01:13 PM (10 years ago)

who the fcuk passed you the mic and says u are the godamnned nigga
Point him out bitch I wanna know
'll have you taken back to streetz where u belong
The way you acting slice when I tear your pants with knifes

Jacking life's of MC' bitch, now I'm set to launch a plan
For blowing up the stage with illegal contraband
A stomped your man so unless you want what he got
You better set the mic down, I'm steaming like a teapot

I'll make the tea hot, people get in my face and ask
If I wanna battle, then I chase them in a YANKEES mask
It's an amazing task to battle with success
I never gave a fcuk, now I give a fcuk less with this bitch

And in a slug fest I get physical like physicians
Invisible like magicians with mystical mic traditions
Wicked wizardry, like a sorcerer and no remorse for you
When I torture you throughout the course of my orchestra

So feel the force of my spiritual images
Slicing up an enemy's appendages till he hemorrhages
My skin itches every time a rapper recites
And when she's through with her verse, I'm all covered in flea bites
You wanna see fights I got a match for you

You couldn't flip shit playing in toilets with a spatula

Get over here for your panties , u forget em when u last visit my hood

Posted: at 14-01-2011 01:13 PM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- money-changer at 15-01-2011 05:37 PM (10 years ago)
yo 50scent
ur rymes are so weak i stop reading half way through
u keep dis threatning shit
what the fuk u gon do
all i need is my mic, ill phyuking beat ya
ill leave you wid shit stains ranging from a meter
u be left soo cold you gonna need a phyuking heater
my lyrics hit you like bullet penetration
wid the mic im like god
ill leave ya feeling my creations
you say your the physicians
but im the one who going to explode
you be standing in front of me
starting to lyrically erode
and where the phyuk you get your rymes from
im not even joking
if my little son battled you
he'd leave you standing their choking
you aint even battling anyone
your just bigging yourself up
your in desperate need man, check rymezone, what the phyuk!!!!
but dont worry i feel your pain
ill give you time to explain
you need 99 cents quick
so the cleaners can whipe out your SHIT staine

peace out!!!
Posted: at 15-01-2011 05:37 PM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- 50scent at 17-01-2011 06:20 PM (10 years ago)
Sit down bitch, you move again I'll beat the shit out of you
Okay Don't make me wake this baby
She don't need to see what I'm about to do
Quit crying bitch, why do you always make me shout at you?

How could you? not huggin me or phyukin me again
Oh, what's a matter KMC bitch  Am I too loud for you?
Too bad bitch, your gonna finally hear me out this time
At first, I'm like, you wanna throw me out?
 That's fine cos no nigga to phyuk u like i do

But not for any dude to take my place, are you out your mind?
On couch, on mat, on the floor, u know how i phyuk u hard
How could you tell me to back off now
Little punk!  Shut the phyuk up, I aint back off

Your honeypot belong to my dick
You're drunk,you're never going to get away at this
You think I give a phyuk, come on we're going for a ride bitch
No Sit up front, right on my dick , cos u like a doggy style

I'll will be right back, my dick thumbs up

Posted: at 17-01-2011 06:20 PM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- money-changer at 17-01-2011 10:22 PM (10 years ago)
i only had to read the 1st two lines
to realize
that i was just wasting my time..
the rest of your rap lyrics came out of nursery rhymes
ur life has almost run outta time
so quit sucking 50 dick
and go listen to some sublime
& go run along little boy
and may god help you
in the strange but wonderful world
a world that would be better off without you
so i hope you die, have no regrets because ur daddy phyuked you
even ask your girlfriend,
when i was at her house
she had my fried eggs and dumplings in her mouth
so next time you open your trap
just keep in mind
what comes out is nothing but crap
like your opinions dont even matter
plz go drown yourself in the next available crapper

you are no rapper..
you are a failure..
so dont hate on the game,
hate the player 
Posted: at 17-01-2011 10:22 PM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- 50scent at 18-01-2011 05:25 PM (10 years ago)
Money Changer

Quit spittin rubbish bitch, Quit talkin, I'ma hang ya neck
I don't phyuk wit fungi like you, don't even hear ya
Hollerin bullshit nigga quit the diaherra
Pistol lie inside of the armrest, um yes

Lay a nigga down in her own mess,
Playa phyuk around wit the homeless, charmless
You can't leave out here armless, no homies
I'm calm as a Don is supposed to be

Y'all take them shoes off your teeth
Stop runnin your mouth
No shoes, no feet, I'll run in your mouth
I'll come to your house, me and my goons
to grab a look at your sick c*@t

Loadin up bangers, ridin under the moon
Throwin up fingers sayin "50 rule for life
If a nigga disagree, that's when my side prove
That Maybach coupe a cock-eyed fool

And I'm "in it like aking" hoe, aren't I cool
But if that thermostat switch and that needle move
Then the attitude switch and the heat'll move
I got that, Shakita banana, clip for the tool

Me the disaster, pity the fool, eat a catastrophe
Swallow the truth, belch reality
How does it taste, Pie to your face, You a bitch nigga
Hey honeypot, stop comin out your lips nigga

Stop spittin shit, bitch

Posted: at 18-01-2011 05:25 PM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- money-changer at 19-01-2011 12:25 AM (10 years ago)
phyukin punk honeypot, phyuk you chump
gimme a one-on-one see if I dont phyuk you up
Tryin to jump the Ruff Ryders and they cut you up
dick in the industry, swear that you in the streets hustlin
You sit behind a phyukin desk at Challoners butt-kissin
and beggin motherphyukers for nigga appearances
and you can even get the clearances cuz real lyricists
dont even respect you or take you serious
Its not that we dont like you, we hate you - period
Jesus Christ, if your that much of a gangster, put the mic down
You should be out killin sum motherphyukers right now
Kill a motherphyuker dead, kill'em dead bitch
Shoot'em in the phyukin head, go ahead bitch
Slap 50's mom, slap the f*ck outa her!
She cant sue you, she wouldnt get a buck out of ya
Cuz your broke as phyuk, you suck, your a phyukin joke
If you were really a king, well then what the phyuk
you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack
you'd make alot more money than you do from rap
You never had no security, you'll never be famous
You'l never know what its like to be rich, lifes a bitch aint it?
50, i'm usin too many complicated phyukin words for you?
Here then let me slow it down for you
so you can understand if I say it slower:
Let it go dawg it's over!
I dont want to be like this
I dont really want to continu this diss
But Im only bein real when I say nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap
Old men have heart attacks
and I dont want to be responsible for that so
Put the mic down and walk away
You can still have a little bit of dignity

end of!
Posted: at 19-01-2011 12:25 AM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- 50scent at 19-01-2011 09:16 AM (10 years ago)
Niggaz & My hoes say im amazing,
But i dont listen to a bitch like you
Cos u bitches say im hot, and ya haterz
And i say no bitch im blazin, like what the phyuk do you
expect in muthaphyukin dick

I keep it hoppin' like the cars with the shocks
I spit' heat on your block like new to the game but runnin' the spot
Numbin' your knot with bass lines that'll make ya neck break
This rook'll take your queen, and put ya king in checkmate
Open your mind without makin' ya meditate
I'm the real champs, you're just a  featherweight MC bitch

Time to get it straight, I push your wig back
Crew loaded up with extra bread like a Big Mac
Beefin' with me? We're leavin you face down dead bitch
Stompin' bitch rappers like I'm straight outta A-Town
Runnin' the playground like it was a track meet
Shoes on the whip that be bigger than shit's feet

I'm into big things, bank account's overgrown
All types of cheese, swiss, cheddar, provolone
Guaranteed to burn wax like candles
Track hittin' hard to the head like shots of Jack Daniels
Letting u know bitch, you bitch

Y'all bitch crews, don't wanna phyuk with me
Imma phyuk with u real hard

Posted: at 19-01-2011 09:16 AM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- money-changer at 19-01-2011 03:37 PM (10 years ago)
Ayo 50scent , this the craziest shit u ever gon' see ,
Ive been know to fold rappers , like oragami ,
rhymes hit with full force of an Tsunami
My flow is my army , my word is my gun ,
you aint'a phyuken challenge , you just makin this fun ,
I spit my shit strategic , hits ya so hard leaves ya a , parapalegic ,
Ima phyuken weapon , cock back ,
whack , Crack! , Ya just been hit with the Mack ,
But this shit cure'ble , like bactirial plaque ,
but u'll likely to remeber like u memba pac
but before u went down u had a change to attack ,
but your reply was phyuken stupid , real phyuken whack
i kill people everyday on 9japals , but with you ima take it real slow!
Ima let ma lil boys weaken ya , with their gangsta flow ,
So you think you got a dick? , boy you lyin , we know your real small so stop tryin,
ill shoot off your little cock , with ma custom made glock ,
my lil boys each took a turn with your mum!
i beat that honeypot like a phyuken bass drum!
then the hoe precceded to chug down thier CUMM!
slapped the bitch in the face said "that enough"
but she just couldnt get enough of this "real stuff"
you little shit! you olny seen honeypot on the internet!
you just angry cause you know we gettin ' et ,
15 years old , get morw honeypot then your dad!
yours & your mum's is the olny clit he's had!
olny way ull get it , is by paying for it ,
but your H,I.V , is likely to TRANSMIT!

Posted: at 19-01-2011 03:37 PM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- 50scent at 19-01-2011 05:34 PM (10 years ago)
It's Trademark of the truth, laid back, aloof phyuk ur c*@t
I'm king of rapper as if you needed some proof
You ain't hard, I can see it on you, u need a stuff to change ur life
phyuk a droptop, crop if I'm creepin' on you

Click-clack, nickel back, knickknacks if you got heaters on you
Spittin' back live rounders, with five pounders
If we meetin' on two, I put a beatin' on you
Your sound's tired, buddy, that's why I'm sleepin' on you

We lean back in the ride with cream stackin' the rawhide
The sound of God slide with a raw vibe
Straight military camel clothes, ash brown boots
So sick, I've been handlin' flows which is too big for your pop

Since enamel was gold tooth and branded by low
You cold phyuk like Eskimo hoes at seven below
You slow, you be the last to think
My hands seen more phyukin' dirt than bathroom sinks

I got punks, dumps and switches, dump chumpses bitches
We feed you to the sharks, you can sleep with the fishes
Clean you like dishes but I ain't no busboy
You ain't family, you ain't earnin' my trust, bitch

Seen too many bitches that'll double cross ya
We bring more drama than the Laker roster
Get the click pissed, ain't nobody can save ya
Throw heat without lookin' like moron bitch

50cent 's the name, the rest of your life is lame
I'm ego drivin', seen with different women, every size and frame
I refine my game by phyukin' famous bitches
But it's all the same, it's just ex to the next

For sex or brain, misses or Mrs. bitches
Married or not, my game don't stop phyukin ur c*@t
It's cars bars bonds and stocks you ain't see my flow
Y'all are small-time suckers like a knee-high hoe

Y'all bound to lose, another one bites the dust
AH AH 50 never done phyuking ur c*@t

Posted: at 19-01-2011 05:34 PM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- sistusdgreat at 23-01-2011 06:57 PM (10 years ago)
you are just looking for lyrics to steal
Posted: at 23-01-2011 06:57 PM (10 years ago) | Newbie
- sistusdgreat at 23-01-2011 07:09 PM (10 years ago)
The way imma win this battle you guys would think this shit had to be FIXED UP"
cause you fake niggaz thouhgt you r the shit, but your shitty, i see how you got that MIXED UP
i will destroy yo bitch ass, the doctor gonna need to have yo ass STITCHED UP
they gonna need to 'collage' yo ass after i leave you all 'RIPPED UP, so don't SLIP UP//
what the phyuk?, you fools think you are rap terrorist 'TERRORIST'
but you still can't 'bomb' shit, you swing but NEVER HIT
but i'm just the opposite, i take aim and NEVER MISS
i'm the definition of what terror is, and i'll be cold FOREVER KID//
the only way i'm in a coffin is that i'm fresh to DEATH
since yo ass won't act 'right' i'll attack yo LEFT//
you should quit lying fagots ain't no chicks TOUCHING YOU
the only reason you not a 'virgin' is cause my verse is 'phyukING YOU'//

This is the first and would be the last cause you guys aint lyrical.
Posted: at 23-01-2011 07:09 PM (10 years ago) | Newbie
- 50scent at 24-01-2011 02:13 PM (10 years ago)

Only reason I dissed you in the first place, was because you denied seeing me, now i'm pissed off
Sit back homie relax, in fact grab a six pack, kick back while I kick facts
Yeah Dre's sick track, perfect way to get back
Wanna hear something wick-wack?
I got the same exact tatoo that's on your honeypot
I'm obsessed now Oh gee, is that supposed to be me? In the video having sex with u
Wow MC bitch, I didn't expect you to go balls out
Bitch shut the phyuk up before I put all them phone calls out,
you made to my house when you was wildin' out before you cum

When you was on my dick and give you somethin' to smile about
How many times you fly to my house? Still trying to count
Better shut your lying mouth if you don't want your faggot boy-friend finding out
You probably think 'cause it's been so long if I had something on you I woulda did it by now

Oh on the contrary, MC Bitch, i'm mixing our studio session down and sendin' it to mastering to make it loud
Enough dirt on you to murder you
This is what the phyuk I do
it ever occur to you that I still have the pictures playing with your c*@t

You think i'm scared of you?
Like i'ma sit and fight with you over some slut bitch
c*@t who made me put up with her psycho ass over 6 months
only spread her legs to let me hit once

Yeah, what you gonna say? I'm lucky?
Tell the public that I was so ugly that you phyuking had to be drunk to phyuk me?
Second base? What the phyuk you tell the whole world, punk
In the second week we was dry humping, it's gotta count for something

Missy bitch money changer suck my dick

Posted: at 24-01-2011 02:13 PM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- sistusdgreat at 24-01-2011 05:36 PM (10 years ago)
Mr 50Cents, you cant rap for shit. no punch lines, no rhymes, no reasoning and no sense in all youve said
learn what rap is bro, am not deacing you, but am serious.
Posted: at 24-01-2011 05:36 PM (10 years ago) | Newbie
- soki4real at 25-01-2011 02:01 AM (10 years ago)
Posted: at 25-01-2011 02:01 AM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- 50scent at 25-01-2011 11:29 AM (10 years ago)
hey faggot go get rust to bin

Posted: at 25-01-2011 11:29 AM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- money-changer at 28-01-2011 04:00 AM (10 years ago)

In that whole phyukin spit you only got one thing right....
I'm better than you bitch, maybe you should lay down the mic!
Only motha phyuker you out spit is 12, bitch!
You pushin the wrong phyukin buttons, Im bouncin you outta this sitch!
It's been a hot minute since I phyukin spit hard,
I'm bout to rip out ya soul and leave ya mentally scarred!
You dumb phyukin nigga messin around in the wrong place,
Turn around and hit the door you motha phyukin disgrace.
Disgrace to society, disgrace to spits,
Disgrace to the hood, disgrace to diss!
You a dumb little bitch up in here tryin to spit,
Actin all hard, but you aint know shit!
Nigga I know what it's like to live in the phyukin hood!
Try and phyukin shoot me, bitch I wish you would!!
I "own" two phyukin shotguns,, and a phyukin .50!
Watch you choke on your blood while you fight to stay alive!
I'll phyuk you face down, shove ya head in ya pillow,
But I'm use a broken broom handle, I aint wastin my dildo!!
As far as you know,,, I'm the devil in disguise,
Cocked loaded and phyukin ready countin down ya demise!
You wana rap a girl and win, pick somebody else!
Cuz this nigga right here says to " GO phyuk,,, ya self!"
I don't spit against nigga who ain't good enough,
You cocky little bitch! Ya ain't hood enough!
Go back to ya school and tell mama ya sorry,
For comin up in here and pullin spits out ya potty!
Cuz that's the only phyukin place that shit spits come from.
Write those rhymes on some paper and go wipe ya faggot bum.
Bitch you ain't even old enough to own a phyukin Gat!
Only thing you do is wear motha phyukin fitted Caps!
And that in itself is supposed to make you a G?
You ain't a phyukin G, bitch, ya best believe me.
Can you walk up to ya black friends and call 'em nigga!
Nope didn't think so,,,but I can,,,you phyukin wigga!
Haha,,, creep in your bed? Nigga that's my last desire,
I'd rather fill ya ass with holes and watch ya broke body expire.
Then I'd throw your dead dirty body in the trunk of my car,
Drive to the phyukin desert or somewhere real far,
Chop you into pieces and bury you here and there,
Nobody will come lookin, cuz nobody phyukin cares.

So look little man,
You got schooled again!
By the hardest rappin bitch in the whole phyukin land!
The call me the phyukin Queen, and you,,,,, just a motha phyukin lad!

Posted: at 28-01-2011 04:00 AM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- Henchmann at 28-01-2011 12:00 PM (10 years ago)
ok now
Posted: at 28-01-2011 12:00 PM (10 years ago) | Upcoming
- Ojomental at 28-01-2011 12:32 PM (10 years ago)
I saw a sexy lady(i know i love her)
dat's wat i told her
her legs on my shoulder
i knew it was ova
she got me lyk a soldier
ready 4 rover, i'm ready 2 chop her
so lucky 2 av her
shorty's so hot lyk a toaster
and she is my teacher
she's wit me lyk my poster...
Posted: at 28-01-2011 12:32 PM (10 years ago) | Newbie
- 50scent at 28-01-2011 12:49 PM (10 years ago)
No matter what you say bitch, I'm gon keep rappin this way
No matter what you may think punk, I'm gon keep doin my thing
I'm almost as world knows me,
Decided to write songs to teach u mutherphyukas

So U get fifty years of bad luck MC bitch
Causing terror to your weakling lyrics
When I grab her by the hair and drag her across the Sahara
Beware of this rap terrorist with a therapist

With a hair up his ass like a rabbit crawled in your pants
Gotta have it, I hold your c*@t like i hold the mic
Til it melts in my phyukin palms and dissolves in my handss
The fool MC bitch who visit the playground

Wit two biscuits to lay down the school district
Get pistol whipped your butt, get your c*@t phyuked
Wit a pistol grip and fed pitbulls shit
Sniff glue sticks like I give two shits
If I get too rich, I just get your c*@t sued


Posted: at 28-01-2011 12:49 PM (10 years ago) | Addicted Hero
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