The Cheapest And Fastest Way To Send And Receive Money Across African Countries

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It is no news that sending and receiving money across Africa can be a challenging experience. With high transaction fees, long wait times, and unreliable services, many people feel frustrated and discouraged. 

We can all agree that the ease of intra-African transactions includes being affordable, accessible, and swift. Although there are options made available by the systems of each African country, there are still lingering chats about the difficulties in sending and receiving money across Africa.

According to African Business, “The average fee in sub-Saharan Africa is 8.46% –far higher than the 3% targeted by Sustainable Development Goal 10 on reducing inequality within and among countries. Cutting these charges will encourage more Africans working overseas to transfer money back to Africa and could also ease the transfer of money within the continent and individual countries”.

Bingtellar: The Fastest and Cheapest Way to Send and Receive Money Across Africa

Bingtellar allows you to send to recipients in 5 different African countries including; Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and more. For example, you could be a Kenyan living in Ghana and you would love to frequently send money home to your friends and family. You can directly send money to their local bank accounts or MoMo wallets, or you’re an importer looking for a way to pay your suppliers in Ghana, You can directly send money to their local bank accounts or MoMo wallets in less than 10 minutes.  

However, you might be wondering why our solution is different from others you have used or heard about before this article. Here are 3 reasons why you should Bingtellar to send and receive money across Africa;

Cheaper transfer fees : The conventional solutions we were provided with have us using a significant percentage [8.46%] of the money as transaction charges. When you use Bingtellar to send money across Africa, the transfer rate is unbelievably cheaper.

Fast transactions : People often have to wait hours or even days to receive money sent from one African country to another, but on Bingtellar transfers go through in minutes.

No Hidden Charges : We've all had situations where the money being sent is reduced as the receiver receives it. This is not the case with Bingtellar; the recipient receives the exact amount sent.

How to use Bingtellar to Send and Receive Money Across Africa.

To make a direct transfer into someone’s bank account or mobile money wallet, you are required to sign up on Bingtellar and verify your account, and you can then follow these easy steps to send money across the supported African countries on Bingtellar.

1. Tap on the “Transfer” button on the Quick links section of the user dashboard.

2. Fill out the amount you’d like to transfer, then Tap on “Change currency” to select the country of the account or mobile money wallet you want to transfer money to and then tap on “Continue” 

3. Tap on “Transfer to Bank or MoMo”

4. Select the account or mobile money provider and fill out the details of the account your want to send money to. If this person would be someone you intend to send money often, then tap on “Save as beneficiary” to make make the person a beneficiary. 

5. Review the transaction summary and then tap on “Proceed” to initiate payment to the account or mobile money wallet. 

6. Choose how to pay and make payment  (NB: Bingtellar supports multiple payment methods, you can pay with either Stablecoins like USDT, USDC or local currencies).

7. And there you go, you just made a seamless cross-border transaction! You will also get real-time updates on the transfer and also receive notifications.

Explore a truly borderless life, explore African Countries With Bingtellar

While it is great to recommend Bingtellar to people, it is also important to note that whoever you want to transfer money to from your Bingtellar account does not necessarily need to have Bingtellar. All you need is the recipient's local bank details or mobile money number to make money transfers.

This means that you can decide to explore one of the countries that Bingtellar allows direct transfers to [ Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and more ] without holding the currency of that African country. The same thing goes for sending and receiving money for personal and business purposes in the comfort of your home. 

Ready to start sending money seamlessly across African countries? Click here to sign up and get started.

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