Naija We Hail OH: Fashion Police Prisoners (The Offenders)!

Published On: April 24, 2011, 11:17 am
Daniel Bosai
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-- (m) at 24-04-2011 11:17AM

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Comic relief
I Go Dye, when you walked into the courtroom, we couldn’t all stop reeling with laughter. Although we know you are not a fantastic dresser, but you need to adhere strictly to red carpet rules. Our advice from Fashion Court is that you should take some lessons from Tejubaby Face, Ay and Ali Baba. In addition you should pay a fine of N500,000..

Section 23 subsection 4a of the Mini Edict states clearly that, “some trends are not meant for all age bracket”. But, madam, you just flouted this section because you are not dressing your age. Is that a top or a dress? At least, you should have worn something underneath. We are so angry. Therefore, you are banned from appearing in any public function until further notice. That dress should be drowned in faraway River Niger.
And you are
fined N2 million.

Not right
Aunty, is the dress wearing? In fact, one of my jury thinks you have electric cables hanging loosely on your neck. All evidence in this court of law shows that this dress is actually wearing. Or should we just say that you didn’t pick the right measurement. This is not tidy and it is contrary to section 104 subsections 234 of the spaghetti trend. You have been fined N1 million.

Contraband on display
Flaunting your bra straps like a channel handbag is illegal in this style jurisdiction. We hereby summon the head of the okrika section in Alaba International Market to appear at the next hearing. We need to ask if there was scarcity of strapless solutions in the market. But before then, you are to pay N900,000

All bright
Shine, shine mama! That best describes this look, we understand you are trying to combine and match your attire. But with a fabric like this, we think all the design is too busy. The glittering turban and ipele made my jury cringe with fear because of the after-effects. Well, your lawyer pleaded for leniency, and since you are a first time offender you will be fined N200,000. But we need your designer to attend special lectures on fabric combination and designe

No matter how you are attracted to a trend, you should always think of the moral code. For crying out loud, this is offensive – showing off every detail of your body parts in a public place. We just need the National Assembly to pass a bill that would ensure little or no bride price for every woman that throws moral to the bin. You are hereby sentenced to 500 days at Kirikiri Medium Prison. No option of fine

Culled From: Sun News

-- apware (m) at 24-04-2011 11:50AM
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Indecent dressing is not accepted in any discipline society. Indecent dresses leads to arrogance in our communities, by so it was not accepted. 
-- yukicares4u (f) at 24-04-2011 12:25PM
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-- soljurn16 (m) at 24-04-2011 01:09PM
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They are still decently dressed cos no one is puting on boxer short and singlet or x-strings and bikini lol! Dem neva waka Nood.....,
-- bafyguy (m) at 24-04-2011 01:42PM
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-- dirtykid (m) at 24-04-2011 01:43PM
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Chaii.. see fashion ooo, is even better to be Naked to than wear some kind of things.  Grin Grin

-- anitanosa (f) at 24-04-2011 02:11PM
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 Embarrassedhahahaha everybody wants to look good.verry funny
-- lopez2424 (f) at 24-04-2011 03:11PM
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Fashion parade.
-- segzyomobaba (m) at 24-04-2011 03:26PM
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woman woman woman....una no go wound life for us oooooo
-- sweetrae (f) at 24-04-2011 03:32PM
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-- otagermo (m) at 24-04-2011 03:48PM
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all this mess is just to atract men..........some of this madams node gree say there time
don pass teh teh.
-- lover123 (m) at 24-04-2011 03:54PM
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Quote from: lopez2424 on 24-04-2011 03:11PM
Fashion parade.
Roll Eyes Shocked
-- xena15 (f) at 24-04-2011 04:11PM
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-- Youngstoriez (m) at 24-04-2011 04:13PM
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The last one....worse ooooo!! Shocked
-- danielndu2 (m) at 24-04-2011 04:37PM
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I think I-go-die is only tryin to stay in element, how else will he make ppl laugh if he doesn't dress funny
-- proly (f) at 24-04-2011 05:01PM
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all in d name of fashion
-- interpo77 (m) at 24-04-2011 05:42PM
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cleanliness is next to Godliness, not what a dress worths in the markets mather rather
if it matches u, so better wear a dress that is gud  n fits u even its ok,
-- interpo77 (m) at 24-04-2011 05:42PM
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dresssing up gudly is an art
-- Rosemerry (f) at 24-04-2011 06:51PM
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Passing through
-- black_samurai (m) at 24-04-2011 07:34PM
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@the publisher.
You tagged these pics with the most horrible English in the books and spoiled the easter of your readers! The court understand spelling errors but your grammatical sins in this case has attracted a fine of 10k euro, to be paid into my account by the end of next week.

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