4 Things (Most) Every Man Wants In a Woman (Page 9)

Published On: June 20, 2011, 3:03 pm
Author: uduak Sophia Monday
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-- onyin (f) at 23-06-2011 06:58PM
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Quote from: desomd on 21-06-2011 01:34PM
men want in women.but remenber all men want are different.well come men want and need, desire.men desire and need to know that their women respect them privately and publicly.men thrive when they know that their sweethearts trust them ,admire them,and belive in them .men are driven by respect and adriation, where women are more driven by emotional things.it  is just plain truth ,men and women are different ,one of the difficult chanllenges of a relationship is understanding that man,s perpective on the things are psysiologically different then those of women,not only men act different they think differently.women silence as on unwilingness not express emotions.come to love.love is patient,love is kind,it does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud,it is not rude,it is not self/seeking,it is not easily agered,it keeps no record of wrongs,love does no delight in evil,but rejoice ith the truth and forgiveness.what are the   rare qualities a men must have when dealing with his wife ,if you dont want to fall in the 50% of unhappy couples or strght in the pit of those that divorced,so protection is something essential to any marriage, you women must feel save in your arms, in your house and in your life,come to cheating ,this is only things men and women should not do,remenber your want have family and childern, pls save your home.85% of cheater couples are in divorce.know man want her women to be cheater.no real man want another man to see her naked....ness of real wife.but cheater belived that she can,t be cut.but there,s imperfection in both cheaters, thats why they cut.wome put your men fist and your family.but the greatest of this is love.
nice one.
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Nor Near here again oo

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 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
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Wow i love these there are very true and amazing indeed
-- sophiebaby (f) at 25-04-2012 12:48PM
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Al ds r gud. Dy also nid an honest woman
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 Cool Cool

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i be man oo.Dnt know how sophie knew all that,abi sophie na man?Anyway i just want to say,My people try to voice out your feelings(by sharing your opinions) dnt pretend cos when you Hold ur feelings you r pretending and only deceiving urselves.And as for the writeup some are correct, some are very Wrong.
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