Woman Sentenced To Death By Hanging, To Be Executed Soon

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at 1-10-2011 02:20AM (8 years ago)

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Emotions were high at High Court Number 10, Maiduguri, Borno State, northeast Nigeria today when Rebecca Emmanuel who was accused of poisoning her 9-year old son, Ishaya Emmanuel sometime in 2008 was sentenced to death by hanging.


Rebecca, mother of four who was earlier granted bail by the court and had consistently appeared at the court during her trial, could not get the sympathy of the trial judge Justice Pirogai Ngada who, while delivering her judgement said: “I agree that she has four children and has never absconded from bail but Section 221 of the law under which she is convicted is a mandatory provision of culpable homicide punishable by death. I wish I can temper justice with mercy. But I can’t because she is hereby sentenced to death by hanging.”

On 20 January, 2008 Rebecca Emmanuel lured her son, Ishaya Emmanuel to a bush where she gave him a Maltina drink laced with poison which led to Ishaya’s death after which the convict burnt the corpse.

In one of her confessional statements during the trial, Rebecca had said: “I went to my father’s house and picked my child. We got to a place where I got a poisonous substance at the sum of N20 and matches. I took him to a bush and laced the substance in a bottle of Maltina.

“I made him drink it. After 30 minutes, the boy died and I set him ablaze, so that no one could recognise him and I left for my husband’s house.”

Delivering the judgement, the judge said she was satisfied by the confessional statement made by the accused person.

P.M.NEWS learnt that Rebecca Emmanuel had Ishaya out of wedlock. He was aid to be the product of an illicit relationship between Rebecca and a military officer.

She must have killed the boy because of the trauma she passed in the hand of the unknown military man.

As the matter is, it is not clear whether the convict will appeal the judgement.

deboalabi262 at 1-10-2011 02:27AM (8 years ago)
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Wicked/ugly beast of a mother..... She deserves the capital punishment. Tit for Tat. No Mercy.....

Ajento at 1-10-2011 02:37AM (8 years ago)
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This woman is pure evil.
toibeli at 1-10-2011 03:09AM (8 years ago)
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You do the crime, you do the death sentence Angry Roll Eyes
GullahGeeche at 1-10-2011 03:37AM (8 years ago)
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Quote from: nametalkam on  1-10-2011 02:20AM

As the matter is, it is not clear whether the convict will appeal the judgement.

Appeal what? There are so many people who would have taken this child as their own. There were other options including taking him to an orphanage/childrens' home. If they want to show mercy sentence her to jail and let her live so that she can repent for her sin.

The hearts of men and women are growing increasingly cold. So many men and women around the world are killing their children because they are an inconvenience to them or a reminder of past sins or mistakes. .

Lord turn the hearts of the fathers/mothers to the children and the hearts of the children to their mother and fathers...less this curse continue in the earth.

babyleslie at 1-10-2011 03:42AM (8 years ago)
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Nawao..So u killed ur own son in d name of one stupid man dat may leave u 4 another woman 2moro?? nonsence!!
lovarboysweetie at 1-10-2011 03:42AM (8 years ago)
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As much as I don't agree with death penalty in any shape or form,but the death the boy went through was horrible and may his soul rest in perfect peace. I do believe that justice can be temper with mercy to let her be in jail for the rest of her natural life simply because of the other children. What she did was cruel and she deserve no compassion, but we can prove to be bigger than that as a society.
apprehended at 1-10-2011 03:50AM (8 years ago)
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a4a4a4 at 1-10-2011 04:45AM (8 years ago)
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pls life sentence without parol is ok.
ajanni at 1-10-2011 05:02AM (8 years ago)
(95400 | Grande Master) (m)

very serious
shebanyan at 1-10-2011 05:22AM (8 years ago)
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Dis is so unfair wallahi, she deserve death, haba wheather u no like da pikin carry go give motherless home na..... wicket woman like all dis wicket ppl wey dey kill dey bomb every where mteeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww idiotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
vitool at 1-10-2011 05:25AM (8 years ago)
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Abused woman paid back to her own child. Sad. .  Blame it on corruption and disgusting country called Nigeria. .  Government and the forces. .  Fools @ 51
frank_f at 1-10-2011 05:27AM (8 years ago)
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Look at her ugly face full of wicked! She look like someone that use to smoke Ganja and that's why she have the mind of poisoning and burning her own "Child" a boy for that matter.. Let her go to a place that even worster then Hill...Idiot
AND sorry for the remaining children of her, I pray that God should help them so that they will not learn from the stupidity act of their hanging/wicked mother...
malvin2525 at 1-10-2011 05:34AM (8 years ago)
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 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
sugaDaddy1forU at 1-10-2011 05:49AM (8 years ago)
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Hayjaycity at 1-10-2011 06:05AM (8 years ago)
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this unlucky child could have been the future president of nigeria, but me think, she should have been setenced to n years or life imprisonment because she had other children as well.......coz hanging her will make her other children motherless.....wicked mother!!!
Joshnerosunny at 1-10-2011 06:49AM (8 years ago)
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He who is without sin Cast the first stone...yes what she did was wrong but who gonna be a mother to the other children...Let her live and take care of the other kids....

Thats my opinion
tomindyke at 1-10-2011 06:54AM (8 years ago)
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wicked mother, evil woman, {ekwensu} your own blood.Oh my goodness God.she should have been hanged for long.she is very heartless.
41truth at 1-10-2011 07:03AM (8 years ago)
(26 | Newbie) (m)

that is not an excuse, a woman who is capable of killing her own son in d manner she did is capable of anythin i think d world is or will be better off without her
zeigbo at 1-10-2011 07:52AM (8 years ago)
(26841 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Wicked woman Huh? Huh?

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