Who Go Woo Who?Man Or Woman?

Date: 12-01-2009 11:22 pm (15 years ago) | Author: Sabbath L.
- at 12-01-2009 11:22 PM (15 years ago)
PIKIN:Papa, I think na  woman suppose to WOO man?

PAPA:Shut up!Na so you think say man slack reach?

Abi na because your mama tell you say na she open mouth talk say she like me, just because she know say me i know fit talk am that time?

PIKIN:But papa,why you no fit talk am?

PAPA:I say shut up.You too dey talk.That time i no well na him make.

PIKIN:Haba papa,you mean say you dey sick for four good years?

PAPA:Kai! No be  sickness wey doctor fit kill.The sickness dey make fear catch person and him heart go dey pound and sweat go dey komot for him body anytime e want to talk to woman.

PIKIN:But daddy,dat one na long story.I know why mama woo you make wuna marry.

PAPA:Ehn!You no dey hear.O k , Why?

PIKIN:Ok, the time wey God make Adam, Adam no fit tell Eve say him like her,he come do wayo give her name say WOO MAN, so dat make she woo am (since e be man).Na the same thing happen with you and mama.Na him make dem call them WOOMEN so dat na dem go woo me and you baba.

PAPA:Good  pikin.You see, i understand that one tey tey dat is why i no first tell your mama say i love am.
Thank you for reminding me,my wise pikin.Your mama no fit laf me again.Na God make am like that.

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this is a very joke
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