Top 5 Best and Most Effective Televison Adverts in Nigeria 2011

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The year 2011 has witnessed its own fair share of television adverts in Nigerian TV stations. We bring to you the top 5 adverts that have made the most impact especially in creating awareness and brand building for the particular product or service it seeks to promote.

In choosing this list of most successful ads on TV we have taken into account the following criteria;

- Relevance of Message Idea: A Television ad has to draw attention to the product/service it promotes. Using a combination of tools and ideas the ad has to portray actions or messages relevant and in line with the product/ service intended image.

- Fun and Remembrance: It has been proven that an ad need not be serious to get attention. In fact the funnier an ad (with relevance of course) the better it is remembered and thus the more impression it makes on the viewers.

- Call to Action: According to one of the early masters of advertising David Ogilvy advertising should be regarded as a salesman and thus judged in terms of its return on investment. An effective ad shouldn’t seek only to create awareness. It also has to spur the viewer to want to make purchases or actually take advantage of the advertised product or service.

- Creativity: enough said.

We used the above criteria to keep our selection simple and straight to the point. Now, the top 5 most influential TV ads in Nigeria for 2011.

1. Indomie Noodles “Mama Do Good O”
: Indomie, with this advert showed why it may not be stepping down as the undisputed leader in the noodles market anytime soon. The creativity that has come to be associated with their advertising campaigns shone through in this particular ad. On a first hand note I have watched hundreds of children (who by the way we think Indomie wanted to reach) fall further hopelessly in love with the Indomie noodle. The ad also indirectly, almost in an ingenious way reaches out to parents (who most often are the decision makers on whether noodles are purchased or not) painting the picture that preparing Indomie for the kids is the sure way to make them happy. And who doesn’t want her kids happy?

2. Etisalat’s “EasyBlaze”: While this ad may not have any element of fun like the Indomie “Mama Do Good” it scores very high on Call to action and Relevant message. The ad sought to pass the message of speedy internet browsing with Etisalat Easyblaze package. It conveyed that message vividly.

3. Cowbell Milk’s “Cowbellocracy”: This advert by the satchet milk giant may not have everything going for it but the creativity and music made it almost difficult for viewers not to notice. Also the fact that the ad started airing during election period with its unique campaign style and music made much sense. Clearly ads like this will ensure that cowbell continues to remain in the consciousness of consumers of the satchet (more affordable) genre of milk.

4. Globacom’s “Yarn Me More”: The use of pidgin English was good for delivery. that ensured almost all its audience would understand the message. The comedy effect was also well used and one could not help but smile (or laugh if you choose) at the idea of a father (and a popular comedian at that) trying to bridge the gap of distance between him and his daughter through story telling on the phone. Glo Yarn Me More passed two messages at once; you can use the Glo Yarn Me More to bridge the distance gap easily and you can talk on for as long as you like because talk, on Glo Yarn Me More, is cheap.

5. Tom Tom’s “I Gbadu the Tom tom”:
In choosing this final slot we were torn between a few choices but this tom tom ad made it because; It passed a direct relevant message of voice clarity, the song used in the ad was actually good to hear (you can’t imagine how many adverts appear on our screens with very unpalatable accompanying music). The “I gbadu the tom tom” ad was direct in passing its message. No unnecessary parts or diversions. Plus the voice of the singer tends to make you really think what the advertisers want you to think: That Tom tom is good for the airwaves in your throat.

Honourable Mentions

We still have to mention a few ads that made some impacts even if they failed to hit our top 5. The advert for MTN Family & Friends where a husband and his wife have different ideas on whom she would include in her Friends and Family list for cheaper calls.

The Hypo bleach ad was a bit too mechanical for us. Among other things an ad does not have to elicit instant unbelief in the mind of viewers. The Hypo bleach ad was too dramatic.

Fanta’s “Fantastic Taste” was good in that it was fun to see the fine young girl dupe the guy of his fanta drink and failed to give her number in return for the drink.

All lists are by no means accurate. We may have entries that are better in your opinion. So what do you think about the NairaBrains’s Top Five Influential and Popular TV Ads in Nigeria for 2011.

kebella at 18-11-2011 03:28PM (8 years ago)
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin

mekuseze at 18-11-2011 03:51PM (8 years ago)
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The indomie advert is simply a classic
just2sexy at 18-11-2011 04:05PM (8 years ago)
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Nice 1. For me, cowbell, glo yarn me more and eazyblaze does it

kebella at 18-11-2011 04:15PM (8 years ago)
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Quote from: mekuseze on 18-11-2011 03:51PM
The indomie advert is simply a classic
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