German president resign his position...Can this happen in Nigeria?

at 17-02-2012 04:21PM (8 years ago)

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We have been unscrupulously experimenting with democracy, a system of government known as the government of the people by the people. In fact, one can rightly describe this system as neither originally our invention or entirely strange to us. This is because some the elements already existed in our own traditional systems long before the arrival of Europeans on our shores. Democracy as we know it and practice it today is more western than it is African. We try to copy how democracy is practiced in Western Europe and North America but chose to ignore the basic principles this system is based on and practiced in the developed world. Our copying of western democracy seemed to stop only at spending billions of naira to organise elections, rig the election and the rest is story, story. Whatever definition is given to “accountability, decency” and “honour” is just BIG grammar for the Nigeria politicians. 
The 52 years old German president Christian Wulff (the youngest ever to hold this position) has announced his resignation because of a scandal that if it was in Nigeria, the politician will shout everyone down for ever daring to mention it. Even ordinary Nigerians will say, “Let’s forget it and move forward”.  However, this is all about accountability, honour and respect, not only for oneself, but for one’s country and its citizens. The German president Christian Wulff is stepping down from his elevated position because it is alleged he received 500,000 Euros, what they described as loan and some other benefits from business friends and associates. His immunity was even lifted something described as “unprecedented move against a German president”. The question here is do any of our politicians have the decency or the willingness to resign his position in the wake of a scandal? Or are we as citizens ready to hold our reckless and shameless politicians to such accountability that they can resign their position if they misuse their office? Nigerians please have your say...   
Source: MSN Trending Blog 17/02/12

summy4ever at 17-02-2012 05:11PM (8 years ago)
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U have said it all! Not in Nigeria.
M-dread at 17-02-2012 05:22PM (8 years ago)
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Jonathan what're you waiting for?Huh?Huh???
winace at 17-02-2012 06:19PM (8 years ago)
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No it can neva happen