WTF? Suspect In Cynthia Osokogu’s Murder Seeks N50 Million Damages, Apology

Published On: November 8, 2012, 10:29 am
Daniel Bosai
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One of the seven suspects in the death of Cynthia Osokogu, murdered in cold blood in her hotel room in Lagos, has brought a N50 million suit against the Nigeria Police for damages.

Gideon Okechukwu, who allegedly drove the killers to the hotel, also joined the Attorney-General of the Federation in the suit in which he said that the fee would cover “general and aggravated damages.”

Mr. Okechukwu, 39, also demanded a public apology to be published by the respondents in a “conspicuous portion” of a national newspaper.

On Monday, all the suspects in the murder case were brought to the Yaba Magistrate Court where the advice of the Directorate of Public Prosecution was to be read.

However, the court observing its annual leave meant they had to be returned to the Kirikiri Prisons until November 27, the date fixed for the court to sit.

The police had said in its investigations that Mr. Okechukwu, an unregistered cab driver, drove Okwumo Nwabufor, a prime suspect in the murder case, and Ms. Osokogu to Cosmilla Hotel in Festac where the latter was strangled to death.

The police also stated that Mr. Okechukwu usually drove Mr. Nwabufo during his numerous operations and also aids him in escaping from crime scenes.

In the suit, deposed at the Lagos High Court, Greg Anumenechi, counsel to the suspect, denied all the claims, adding that his client has been in police detention since August 20 without being charged to court. Mr. Anumenechi also stated that the forceful seizure of his client’s Mazda 626 car is unlawful and a violation of his right.

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They say d best form of defense is 2 attack...

-- mankaa (f) at 8-11-2012 11:56AM
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Quote from: mary11 on  8-11-2012 11:48AM
They say d best form of defense is 2 attack...
Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry so true
-- nonsovin (m) at 8-11-2012 12:02PM
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 Lips Sealed  Lips Sealed  Lips Sealed  Lips Sealed  Lips Sealed
-- kekere1996 (f) at 8-11-2012 12:11PM
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-- dizhadah (f) at 8-11-2012 12:15PM
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-- kattie77 (f) at 8-11-2012 12:38PM
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Arrant nonsense!! how dare him? This case is unnecessarily taking too long,they should sentence all d idiots
-- mrchris (m) at 8-11-2012 12:58PM
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50m too small, like dat of 500m go serve u well, U wan make money by chance idiot, U no go tire race before the matter change am for you!!! Oleee
-- Senegal (m) at 8-11-2012 12:59PM
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Yey dey smell
-- dickman2 (m) at 8-11-2012 01:05PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
-- ela214 (f) at 8-11-2012 01:06PM
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is this case still on,i tout those devil incarnates are already behind bars.naija.2morro we go hear say they do realise them
-- Neglito (m) at 8-11-2012 01:09PM
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-- noraesaro (f) at 8-11-2012 01:21PM
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Jungle Justice, which day e go stop in this black country? Check it proper before you condemn the innocent blood
-- proly (f) at 8-11-2012 01:34PM
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dunno why dey re still wastn time they shud wipe dem
-- kasy783 (f) at 8-11-2012 01:54PM
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He must be on something.This no bi serious matter.
-- nestoba (m) at 8-11-2012 01:56PM
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The car could also be a proceed of crime. Driver to the criminal gang, he is not a registered taxi driver, that was cool.
-- micc (m) at 8-11-2012 02:17PM
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Useless man. Is because they've not jailed u yet that's why u can still talk all this nonsense. N50m
-- cocoeni (f) at 8-11-2012 02:22PM
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see story
-- winace (f) at 8-11-2012 02:45PM
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Dat guy is a suspect. Chikena
-- Idbabe (f) at 8-11-2012 02:47PM
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Y all these wate of time, i tot they must hv gotten to hell since
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