Usain Bolt's Girl Does A Runner: Jamaican Sprinter Dumped By British Girlfriend

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(m) at 24-12-2012 03:53AM (7 years ago)

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British office girl who ­captured the heart of Olympic champion Usain Bolt during the Games has ended their romance… because he lives too far away. Megan Edwards, 22, split from the world’s fastest man after he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family. The down-to-earth accounts worker ­decided that the 4,600 miles between her and the smitten sprinter was too much to handle, and she wouldn’t be able to handle his globe-trotting lifestyle either.

Devastated Usain, 26, begged her to change her mind, but Megan revealed: “In the end I had to let my head rule my heart. It was amazing out there, but that’s where I decided it couldn’t go on. He was talking about having to fly here and there and I was going back to my office job. So when I got home I rang him and told him it wasn’t going to work. I said the distance thing and not seeing him often enough was a problem for me.”

“He was very upset and said ‘Don’t do it, what can I do?’. I told him, ‘There is nothing you can do… you are who you are’.

“I am just a normal girl and I know people say, ‘You would have been fine with it’, but I wouldn’t. If I was a celebrity then our relationship probably would have lasted longer.” Junior athlete Megan caught the eye of the 100m world record holder when she was chosen to model Jamaica’s team kit for the Games and appeared on a catwalk with him. “We live at opposite ends of the globe,” she told a friend. “He talked about flying all over the place and there’s me having to go back to Dartford.

“I really liked him, but I only have a set amount of holiday that I can use each year and I’mnot going to use it all up going to see Usain Bolt in Jamaica. “A few things crystallised in my head while I was away and when I got back. So after a couple of days I telephoned him to call it off. It was very hard and I was upset too. “In the end he asked if we could still be friends and I said, ‘Of course… you haven’t done anything wrong to me’. I don’t think he was expecting it. “It wasn’t as though it fizzled out. It was just at this present moment in time we are, neither of us, in the right place. “And I told him that it wasn’t right for us to be together right now and that it just wasn’t going to work out between us.”

Now Megan is concentrating on her own Olympic dream, taking inspiration from the boyfriend she had to let go. “I hope to go to Rio in 2016 and do the 800or 1500 metres,” she said. “Perhaps Usain will be there too…”

aso4life1 (m) at 24-12-2012 04:42AM
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Well, I think she has a point but why can't she put all this into consideration before accepting him? She want to date a super star abi? SHIOR.

talkenson (m) at 24-12-2012 05:21AM
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Which point she dey make self? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
No be she suppose to follow e husband go their place when they marry? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Well no be my business sha.
nnamdidominic (m) at 24-12-2012 06:17AM
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Chai Asa why this now
jamesbondchick (f) at 24-12-2012 06:21AM
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Abeg the babe make sense! To say na naija babe,she go follow the man go kilimanjaro sef then cheat on am when he nor dey! Cheesy

proly (f) at 24-12-2012 06:39AM
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Hmmmmmm distnce rsp......its really distubn sha
stikerxxx (m) at 24-12-2012 07:11AM
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 Cool Cool Cool
zeigbo (m) at 24-12-2012 07:26AM
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Na dem sabi

slimderek (m) at 24-12-2012 08:19AM
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The babe sha 4ckup

umehudoka (m) at 24-12-2012 08:40AM
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Hmmmmm..... but this one no b issue naaaah. Bolt you no fit dey run every morning go see the babe for him house no matter the distance.  Roll Eyes Grin
denmal (m) at 24-12-2012 09:44AM
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na her choice
ZION7ZION (m) at 24-12-2012 10:04AM
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This is real woman, she is not looking at the wealth, she is looking at true love, Babe Zion is 100% available, I won't be traveling all over the world, I will be traveling from the sitting room to the bedroom of our house, give me a chance Roll Eyes Grin
micc (m) at 24-12-2012 10:14AM
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I hear o
Sophyrocks (f) at 24-12-2012 11:04AM
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I lyk her reasoning. she reasons well wit her head. i lyk d way she said ' i use my head' .act lyk a woman but think lyk a man. Very good. Unlyk 9ja babes wey dey alwys luk moni n fame. Its beta to do tins on tym dan allowing tins to go deeper. she jst didnt want tins to go deeper wen she knws dey myt break up leta. distance rlatnshp isnt 4 evry1 including me. na pure F9.

Donboy2 (m) at 24-12-2012 12:05PM
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pele oooooooooooooo cant he cover 4800miles in an hour
centvincent09 (m) at 24-12-2012 12:45PM
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 Shocked Shocked. my people just look and dnt a ward ok
chicco77 (f) at 24-12-2012 01:19PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
osamabinladin (m) at 24-12-2012 02:05PM
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Take heart
BlueIxora (f) at 24-12-2012 02:31PM
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yane (m) at 24-12-2012 02:43PM
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what i understand here is that bolt is no good in bed,if bolt is very good in bed this girl will never think of any other thing in her life except how bolt handle her in bed is what she will be rembering always,women love strong man in bed to be there boy friend or husband,so let the girl tell us the truth that bolt doesn,t know how to dance in bed thats why she use wisdom and drop him.thats all.
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