‘I Will Be Proud If My Child Is Gay’ – Kemi Omololu - Olunloyo

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(f) at 25-03-2013 01:29PM (7 years ago)

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The Facebook Drama queen is at it again,she is bloggers' delight anytime,any day...this is the latest post on her page:

‘I Will Be Proud If My Child Is Gay’ – Kemi Omololu - Olunloyo. Read why you #Nigerians need to STOP discriminating against gays. Stay away from #Canada and #America. I support gay anytime.

There is NO such penalties for #GAYS in #Nigeria. I am taking up the #Nigerian Govt and all your phyuking lawmakers. They can't even pass a gay marriage ban in 2 years of mouthing but yet they can give your billions to Canada to conduct an HIV test in Benue which is full of infected gays sleeping with women at the same time. You guys are not my FANS, U are just a bunch of fake POS! U want me to agree with all your "nice" views so u can SUCK up to me? Wonder why I don't talk to any of you or LIKE comments. Stop doing follow follow, Canada is the most gay friendly country on EARTH and nobody has HIV. They take our money knowing that we hate gays. As a CVS HIV Procare Pharmacist, we should be educating gays about safe sex rather than stigmatizing them. Use your head NIGERIANS. Ignorance does not excuse stupidity.

Wait till San Francisco 1984 happens here and everyone begins to die. 700,000 adults in Benue and 300,000 KIDS!!


thomzolar (m) at 25-03-2013 02:11PM
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Be ready to go to jail! Idiot...
ainnylove (f) at 25-03-2013 02:37PM
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Chei i don miss road  Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
deway1 (m) at 25-03-2013 02:40PM
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you are just an A*#S, thats why u were deported from canada
chicco77 (f) at 25-03-2013 02:41PM
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how i take reach here Shocked Shocked
BlueIxora (f) at 25-03-2013 02:49PM
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Mrs Talkative who ask you? Shebi Canada don give you quit notice? Nija go soon give you another one. You are 49 right? (for where ? Roll Eyes ) learn to air your views like a 49 year old and quit talking like a spoilt teenager.
MayorKingz (m) at 25-03-2013 03:00PM
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End Time Calamity!!! SMH... Wat wld future generations look  lyk???  Huh?
Mobbysmartins (m) at 25-03-2013 03:05PM
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toibeli (m) at 25-03-2013 03:08PM
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The culture and laws in Nigeria frowns at gays and lesbians. Naija is what it is, either embrace
the law and culture, or get the hell out.
Chimohski (m) at 25-03-2013 03:11PM
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Stupid fool,why ar u deported frm Canada old fool,u ar 49 nd still not married cos of ur stupid thinking.wait I will get my grand father to marry u.
Latsam (m) at 25-03-2013 03:18PM
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This lady is mentally deranged. Just leave her alone because the more we engage her in argument the more she win more popularity.
lanudja (f) at 25-03-2013 03:31PM
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Shameless old woman
crusifixo (m) at 25-03-2013 03:45PM
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Father.. i am asking for your guidance please lead me out of this phuking post... Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
tanglefree (f) at 25-03-2013 03:54PM
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She cant be serious!
Senegal (m) at 25-03-2013 04:03PM
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ok, till then
Confirm4real (m) at 25-03-2013 04:08PM
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I dont need Canada or America to survive, there are lots of farm land here. phyuk you and your like.

ezchusa (m) at 25-03-2013 04:12PM
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Hahahahaha. Odoyo

godspilosky (m) at 25-03-2013 04:13PM
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Lunatic on the loose
bestbuky (f) at 25-03-2013 04:17PM
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kessybee (f) at 25-03-2013 04:35PM
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