How Dorris Simeon Lost Her Husband, Daniel To Stella Damasus Because Of Sex

Date: 30-04-2013 12:47 am (9 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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- at 30-04-2013 12:47 AM (9 years ago)
I have stood by in the last couple of days to see this drama about Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan unfold. I have read countless blogs, reviews and comments from all over the world and I have come to the conclusion that people have no clue what they are talking about.


[This is] not a hearsay or assumptions, I will even mention names that can be verified. Let us not be distracted by this stunt that uncle Daniel just pulled with the party and the gift.

"Let us focus on the root of this matter. When we know the foundation, we will know how to direct our anger and 'insults'.

"I lived with Daniel and Doris because my sister was close friends with Doris and at that time I needed accommodation in Lagos because my parents were based in the South-South part of Nigeria. I lived with them when they were still on Salami Street in Mende, Maryland, Lagos and even when they moved to their Idowu Akindele Crescent residence in Magodo GRA, Lagos.

"Daniel was a good man and the perfect husband to Doris and he made her feel special in every way. He always spoke to her nicely and was quick to defend her in many ways. He supported her career and was determined to make Doris rise to the top above her colleagues. He used to say that a lot and felt she deserved to be at the top. He would always say, 'Dem Toyin, Funke, Dayo and co no fine pass you. Dem nor act pass you. I have to position you at the top'.

"He did everything in his power to put her there. Daniel cannot come and boast to people, especially me that he single handedly financed all of Doris' films. HE CAN'T. He was responsible for getting the finances but it was not HIS money entirely that did films like ONITEMI and OMO IYA KAN. The marketer named EPSALUM financed these films. I know that Daniel may have added about 10%-20% of his cash at some point but it was almost insignificant.

"The only film he did with his money for her 100% was the film ASIRI. So if he ever claims he did those films for her....quote me or ask EPSALUM.

"Doris was a good wife in her own right. She supported her husband's passion to change the industry. She dragged him into making Yoruba films which he really didn't want to get into. She enjoyed the fact that out of most of her colleagues, she was the one that had a STEADY home with a young and successful guy...ambitious man too. She was the minister of finance.

"That's what Daniel used to call her in the house because he always gave her all the money to handle. He would bring money home an hand it ALL over to her because she was efficient in money management, unlike him who was a free giver and really had no respect or regard for money! Whether he had enough or not, he never did care so much about cash. NEVER!

"For the four years that I lived with them, not for ONE day did I ever hear them raise their voices at each other in arguments or quarrels.

"You would see them come out of their bedroom sometimes with weird expressions and we would all know they just fought but you would NEVER hear Daniel raise his voice. NEVER!
One thing that the world never know was how much both families NEVER wants them to get married.

"Doris' parents didn't like Daniel and Daniel's mother (in particular) never like Doris. She was against the relationship from the beginning. She is known to be a heavy prayer warrior and she said God was against the marriage from scratch but Daniel never listened to his mother.

"Now, the HORRIBLE thing about Daniel is his stubbornness and hard headed nature. He never listens to people and if he believes in something, it would take a manifestation of the 10 plagues in Egypt to change his mind. He is an extremely stubborn and very determined person. Which was one thing I hated about him.

"Yes, he is nice, loving to his family and friends but do not think for a minute that you can convince him easily to change his mind when he has already formed an opinion or decided on what he wants to do.

"He went on with the marriage. His family believed that Doris trapped him with the baby but that is a big lie. I have always disagreed with his mother on that note: I respect the woman but Doris DID NOT trap Daniel with a baby. They were already living together for 3 years before David was born. So the woman should get her facts straight. Her son (I believe) wanted the child as much as Doris did.

"I think along the line Daniel started to realize that in many ways he and Doris were different. Much different than he had thought. I believe Doris started to relax on several things because she felt she had her husband and he was going nowhere. He was always very expressive about his love, she was the opposite. He would run around the house and want to play love games with her but she thought that was a waste of time and energy.

"I personally experienced that with them on several occasions. I guess Doris was more concerned about how people perceived the relationship on the outside and not how sweet it really was on the inside. She always wanted pictures of them out there. Daniel was more concerned about making his marriage very 'Oyinbo-ish' because that's who he has always been.

At some point I started to feel that Daniel started getting tired of her excuses about being expressive with her feelings even in the house. I think it suddenly dawned on him that they were from two different worlds. Their command of English was too far apart, their ideologies were different, approach to situations, educational background, family, upbringing, etc. I believe she just stopped being his wife and turned herself into a MAMA in the house. I remember him buying her all sorts of short clothes and sexy outfits from the US. I thought they were too daring but he didn't mind.

"The marriage meltdown goes as far back as 2009. I know that I heard them talking in hush tones a few times about how sex was a problem in the marriage. I know for a fact that Daniel used to joke about it around the house but you could see he was serious in those jokes. He was always clowning about how he had to fill forms like an embassy to made love with his wife. I know at some point it was so bad that for almost six months they didn't do anything.

"One thing I can tell you for a fact is that in the course of their marriage, Daniel never cheated on Doris. This was a known fact and EVERYONE knew how crazy he was about his wife but lack of s3x enough to ruin a marriage?

"Some people Daniel confided in where his bosom friend ALEX EFFIONG who was there when Daniel and Doris hooked up originally. I know I overheard Daniel and Alex talking about it in the editing studio at the BQ in Magodo. Two other people I know for a fact that Daniel confided in when he was in America where his friends BUKKY EBUN of Nollywood View and 'LAMIDE DAVIES TALABI. You can ask them because they are on Facebook.

"These two people will tell you the whole story and how they tried to step in to advice. Even Bukky came to the house in Magodo at some point when she visited Nigeria. She came with KAHA the singer. That's how I found out. He was desperate to save his marriage that's why he took drastic steps to talk to people.

"I blame Doris in some ways because she just relaxed, trusted that everything was OK and that her marriage was going to last forever. In marriage, you gotta keep working to make it good.

"What annoyed Daniel the most was when he found out his wife had a shop that he didn't even know about. He found out from outsiders and when he confronted her, she said she was trying to surprise him. That really pissed him off! He was enraged! This was when he grabbed his son and left! Daniel was a very, very patient man but I hate the way he did it. He just left!

"While everyone was celebrating the happy lives these people shared, the marriage was already over!! They were just patching things up! They kept holding on because of 'What people would say'.

"Doris also messed up in certain ways because she could not fight to keep her man. She was too comfortable and never imagined that Daniel would get frustrated and leave. Not in this lifetime. I could see it in his eyes everyday that he was just tired of struggling to make it all work.

"Look for people like ALIU SHORINMADE who was his personal assistant for five years. These were the people who knew Daniel very well and how he avoided women like a plague. Let them tell you facts. Let them tell you truths. Stella Damasus did not break up Doris Simeon's home.

"That home was scattered long before Stella came into the picture. I believe Daniel got the attention that he craved so much at home in someone he considered a friend and sparks flew.

"When i read that Daniel moved to Abuja and was being taken care of by a woman, I laughed because the people saying this have no idea who Daniel is. He is so arrogant in certain ways that he would rather die of hunger than take a dime from any woman. HE IS THAT KIND OF MAN!

'He will be too embarrassed to take a dime from any woman. The dude is a workaholic....I give that to him. Films, Fashion, Documentaries, Writing, Photography, Music, Publishing, Visual Effects, name it! He is a master at them all.
There is so much I know and if all these names I mentioned here deny anything...they are lying! I can open a big can of worms!

"Look for ALIU and ask him to tell you about the girl BLESSING that DORIS brought into their house that stayed for almost three years. Daniel sent her away from the house over four times and Doris kept bringing her back. Why? Nobody knows! Can never be explained! He NEVER WANTED THE GIRL IN THE HOUSE but she kept bringing her back. We know that at some point Daniel discovered that this girl was s3xually abusing Daniel's son DAVID! WHAT DID DORIS DO ABOUT IT???

"If all the parties involved think I am lying, let them confront me! Let them deny it! Daniel cannot deny it! Doris cannot Deny it! Aliu cannot deny it! They know the truth!! There is a girl called SUNMISOLA that used to visit the house some weekends then. She was close to Doris...find out and ASK HER TOO!

"All I can say is that Daniel and Doris deceived EVERYONE for a long time about how good the marriage was even when everything was BITTER and SOUR! So those hating on Stella are really wasting their time because STELLA DAMASUS DID NOT RUIN DORIS' MARRIAGE. Daniel and Doris know what scattered them that led to their divorce in 2011. If any of them feel I'm lying, let them challenge me.

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- Biafranwar at 30-04-2013 01:03 AM (9 years ago)
Who want to read all these?
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who cares? Roll Eyes
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- smartiyke at 30-04-2013 01:30 AM (9 years ago)
Holy sh*t! my eyes are hurting from reading this long a*s movie script. Is this part one and two? Holy moly! BRB, going to pee-pee and take a big dump.
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- pchinedu20 at 30-04-2013 01:45 AM (9 years ago)
Ok ,,so yu actually wanted to tell us that Stella Damascus wasn't the architect of their break ups Huh??? Ok ,thank yu for your information but we look forward to hear from the spouses too...
Posted: at 30-04-2013 01:45 AM (9 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- dlimelite at 30-04-2013 01:50 AM (9 years ago)
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- arsenal123 at 30-04-2013 03:58 AM (9 years ago)
OK..Until I hear from the two parties involved...i rest my case..
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- ezchusa at 30-04-2013 05:24 AM (9 years ago)
Nawa oh

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- olabimi at 30-04-2013 07:01 AM (9 years ago)
that is their  problem ,sex is one of the power satan used to ruin marriage
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- etibaba at 30-04-2013 07:04 AM (9 years ago)
So we should read all this,u tink we are jobless?

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- paulohking at 30-04-2013 07:09 AM (9 years ago)
Can't read all these dictionary now  Roll Eyes
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- Shegzan at 30-04-2013 07:22 AM (9 years ago)
Kk,bye# too long!

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- Solidstonez at 30-04-2013 08:08 AM (9 years ago)

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