Rasaq Adams claims police brutality, shares pic of his swollen eye

(m) at 5-04-2014 01:15PM (6 years ago)

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Rasaq Adams (pictured above) is claiming he was brutalized by the men of the Nigerian police force for no reason. According to his own version of events, on Monday March 31st, he and his friends were somewhere in their neighbourhood at Oredehin Street, off Oshodi Road, Oshodi, Lagos, late at night gisting when police officers from Akinpelu police station saw them and without provocation, started throwing chairs and bottles at them and attempted to raid them. He claims he and friends ran to their various houses to escape the policemen but some pursued him to his house and broke his door as he attempted to lock it. (He sent in a pic of his broken door). He claims he was badly beaten by the police officers and later taken to the police station at Akinpelu Street in Oshodi where he stayed till the following morning when some of neighbours who heard what had happened stormed the station effect to his release.

Rasaq, who said he was outside his home with his friends (some of whom were also arrested) around 12am receiving breeze because there was no light and the house was hot, now wants to sue the Nigerian police for Police Brutality. Continue...

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