R.I.P: University Of Ibadan Students Protest Over Death Of Fellow Student

5 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
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Students of the University of Ibadan (last night) and this morning are protesting the death of a fellow student. According to reports from multiple students who reached out to Us, Mayowa Alaran, a 200l student of Human Kinetics (pictured above) was watching the Barca match in his hall yesterday when he suddenly slumped. He was rushed to the school's clinic, Jaja Clinic, where students claim they were told by nurses that they won't attend to the sick student unless they presented his clinic card. The nurses also allegedly asked for money. Mayowa later passed away in the clinic.

Students are now protesting his death, blaming it on the negligence and lackadaisical attitude of the health center workers. The students want the school authority to take action. They say it's not the first time a student has died due to the attitude of the nurses at their health center. Rest in peace, Mayowa.

sameola (m) at 7-05-2015 10:31AM
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The nurses should be sacked
echeeche (m) at 7-05-2015 10:38AM
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tossyjay (f) at 7-05-2015 10:41AM
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So sad! I think medical practitioners need to be mentally tested and be well scrutinized, dia behaviours, relation with pple and so on before they are bn employed or mayb given admission @ all. When a heartless nd wicked person is in care of lives dat means dia is fire on d mountain
ngfineface (f) at 7-05-2015 10:56AM
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Which school authourity should take action? What are they waiting for? Why didn't they kill that silly nurse? Its so painful. RIP Mayowa
Wysetots (m) at 7-05-2015 11:00AM
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End times.......Money has more value than Human lives.

Squeezud (f) at 7-05-2015 11:36AM
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This is what happens when jobs are given to those that do not deserve it, they qualified because they know somebody!
I wish they pounced on the nurses sef
ipad2015 (f) at 7-05-2015 12:42PM
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Too bad!!!!But it's not the nurses fault..its the fault of the hospital authority that the gave the nurses the ORDER to behave in that manner ..Too BAD..
dareper (m) at 7-05-2015 02:31PM
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cjoe90 (m) at 7-05-2015 08:01PM
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Hope, He was not a fan of Bayern Munich. If he ws maybe shock ws what he had (Messi). RIP
PoliticxGuru (m) at 7-05-2015 08:39PM
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what a wicked world
elchymo (m) at 19-08-2015 08:50AM
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