EKITI BOILS AGAIN! After The Attack On Hausa Community, Hoodlums Set Ablaze Ekiti Biggest Market

at 23-05-2015 08:29AM (4 years ago)

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In spite of the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed on Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State capital, by Governor Ayodele Fayose on Thursday to check the violent clash between commercial drivers and Hausa traders, a section of the biggest market in the city was burnt down yesterday.

Violent clash had erupted between the two groups on Wednesday after a driver’s wife was allegedly robbed by a man suspected to be a member of the Hausa community.

Tongues are wagging on how hoodlums found their way to Erekesan Market otherwise known as Oja Oba (King's Market), despite the deployment of regular and riot policemen in the wake of the curfew.

The latest incident has caused further panic among Ado Ekiti residents while a humanitarian crisis looms with the evacuation of members of the Hausa community in the town to the outskirts of nearby Ikere Ekiti to prevent further attacks on them.

Many of the traders were woken from their sleep as early as 1.30 am by calls from residents who had got wind of the inferno and alerted them to go and evacuate their shops before the fire would do more damage.

But some of the traders who got to the scene were said to be frightened by staccato of gunshots fired by armed policemen deployed at the scene.

Worst-hit by the fire was a section of the market known as Lagos Line, which has the highest concentration of textile shops, supermarkets, gift shops and other items.

Not fewer than 50 shops and two residential buildings were completely burnt down in the early morning fire.

The fire raged till about 5 am while most of the shops were still smouldering at about 7 am when reporters got to the scene.

Men of the State Fire Service who got to the scene could not put out the fire.

Many of the affected traders were inconsolable while their family members, friends and sympathisers wore gloomy faces as they bemoaned huge losses.

Some traders fainted on seeing their shops reduced to ashes.

Many Ado Ekiti indigenes saw the attack as a reprisal by Hausa settlers who were mostly affected by an attack carried out on Wednesday by suspected members of drivers' union.

Many residents who were on their ways to work had to return home as thick smoke billowed into the sky from the market, giving the impression that "the city was on fire''.

Most of the schools were shut as students and pupils hurriedly returned home while residents who were yet to leave their homes did not bother to venture out.

Banks, petrol stations, motor parks, corporate offices and other commercial centres closed their doors to business.

Truck loads of mobile and regular policemen as well as soldiers were immediately drafted on the orders of the state government to prevent escalation of the crisis and prevent massive looting.

A number of residents were also randomly arrested by men of the state police command in connection with the development.

Governor Fayose, who personally led a security team that included the newly deployed Commissioner of Police, Mr. Etop James to the scene, expressed worries at the turn of event despite his imposition of dusk to dawn curfew only on Thursday.

He said yesterday's incident would not in any way compel him to declare a 24-hour curfew as being suggested in some quarters.

Fayose, ordered that four Ashok Leyland luxury buses belonging to government be immediately mobilised to convey all Hausa residents to Shasha, on the outskirts of Ikere Ekiti.

The governor, who for more than three hours personally monitored the evacuation, premised his action on the fact that he is a father to all residents, irrespective of their tribe, religion or sex.

He said the Hausa residents would remain at the new place for the time being, and would be heavily guarded by soldiers and mobile policemen.

The Commissioner of Police said his men worked tirelessly from 1am to prevent what could have degenerated into an uncontrollable situation.

He hailed the governor for racing to the scene to team up with the police in checking the crisis from getting out of hands when he (Fayose) was called in the early hours of the day.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party in the state, the All Progressives Congress (APC) , has said that Governor Fayose should be held responsible for the various acts of violence in the state, saying the current spread of violence in the state capital had the imprints of the usual government-orchestrated violent acts to achieve a pre-determined end.

Reacting to the recent violent acts rocking the state, APC Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, regretted that Ekiti people were used to the government-inspired violent acts, which they experienced between 2003 and 2006 during the governor's first stint, hence there was little to worry about on the same pattern of serial violence that was rocking the state to achieve a purpose.

He said: "We had on several occasions raised the alarm over importation of thugs who are quartered in the Government House. Since their arrival, Ekiti State has slid to the era of one-day-one-trouble, which characterised Fayose's government between 2003 and 2006.

"Eminent lawyer, Femi Falana, also raised the same concern, calling on the governor to send away his thugs to allow peace to reign in Ekiti State".

The party sympathised with Hausa traders, who it described as victims of government-inspired violence to create a sense of insecurity to enable the governor devise extra-security measures that would allow him achieve a predetermined end.

The APC spokesman urged the security agencies to consider treating the party's petitions on various acts of violence by the thugs kept in the Government House and devise a means of ending violence in Ekiti State.

"We recall various unprecedented attacks on our members, their houses, our office and tearing or burning down of the posters and billboards of our candidates during electioneering campaigns over which we petitioned the National Human Rights Commission.

"After the elections, kidnappings began. Now is the time for urban violence pitting the thugs against Hausa traders to create ethnic tension that has potential for national crisis while at the same time the governor is planning to inaugurate the new House of Assembly on June 1 to create anarchy.

"It is regrettable that we are back to the era of one day, one trouble that marked out Fayose as a man that thrives in violence", he said.

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gift2006 at 23-05-2015 08:56AM (4 years ago)
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see the kind of people Nigeria is producing, they don't know how to dialog, they use violent in everything.
echeeche at 23-05-2015 09:15AM (4 years ago)
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Nawoo oh
angesco at 23-05-2015 09:32AM (4 years ago)
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This is exactly what Boko Haram and their supporters want - mayhem and the breakdown of law and order in Nigeria!!

Let's just hope it does not spread nationwide.
Activated at 23-05-2015 09:52AM (4 years ago)
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When I say that hausa Muslims are difficult bunch to live with, I get vindicated by live events like this that that happens across the country.

Now tell me what guts to organise a reprisal attack in someone's homeland. imagine if this was done in hausa land that means all inyamiri and belrebe are dead.

Well I can remember when the primate of Anglican church once told them, and I QUOTE " THEY FEEL THEY HAVE THE MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE".Really don't understand this people.
dareper at 23-05-2015 10:21AM (4 years ago)
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Too bad
Juliem at 23-05-2015 10:36AM (4 years ago)
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Ritabrenice at 23-05-2015 11:40AM (4 years ago)
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Too bad
Oways at 23-05-2015 12:10PM (4 years ago)
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Which way Nigeria
beneno at 23-05-2015 12:42PM (4 years ago)
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shaddybaby at 23-05-2015 02:16PM (4 years ago)
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What a pity.
PoliticxGuru at 23-05-2015 02:37PM (4 years ago)
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another boko haram in disguise
freethinker at 23-05-2015 02:55PM (4 years ago)
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too bad
stanslim at 24-05-2015 09:47AM (4 years ago)
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Hausas ar vry difficult pple 2 live wit. D problm nigeria is facing 2day is d hausas. Hw wil u com 2 my town and want 2 b d king. Impossicant
stanslim at 24-05-2015 09:48AM (4 years ago)
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Hausas ar vry difficult pple 2 live wit. D problm nigeria is facing 2day is d hausas. Hw wil u com 2 my town and want 2 b d king. Impossicant !!!!