Dismissed Policeman WHo Has Been Working Illegally For 8 Years, Finally Arrested

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The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a dismissed police officer who had been operating in the state illegally for the past eight years. The suspect, Adeh Ada, who has been parading himself as a police officer, was dismissed in 2009 while attached to the MOPOL 11 in Calabar, Cross River State, for losing his firearm. But while awaiting his dismissal letter, the Benue State-born Ada who was an Inspector then, maneuvered his way and got a transfer to the Area 'C' Command of the Lagos State Command and has been operating illegally since then.
He was said to be going for illegal duties and extorting money from motorists, through which he allegedly survived for eight years without salaries. His cover was blown by a vigilant Divisional Police Officer (DPO), who observed the unethical conduct of Ada, reportedly summoned and queried him. Ada allegedly opened up that he had not been paid salary since 2009 when he was transferred to Lagos from Calabar.
A police source said:
“The DPO who was alarmed quickly wrote the state command’s Provost Marshal and he was transferred to the command headquarters for investigation.
The police authorities wrote the Cross River State Police Command for information about him. That was when the signal came that he had been dismissed since 2009 when he lost his firearm. Investigations showed that he maneuvered his way to Lagos and resumed at the command. How he was able to do that still remains a mystery.”

But the suspect insisted he was not dismissed, claiming that he had appealed his dismissal when he lost his firearm and had asked to be surcharged. “I was at a checkpoint sometime in 2009 with four other members of my team. A speeding vehicle suddenly hit me and my rifle got hooked to the bumper of the vehicle. One of my colleagues, Sergeant Gabriel, rode on a motorcycle and chased it. Afterward, I also got a vehicle to chase the bus. I met Gabriel standing in front of Zone 6 command headquarters and he said he could not catch up with the bus. He advised me to continue the chase to White Market, Calabar. Unfortunately, I could not find the bus. I stood for an orderly room trial where the panel recommended dismissal for me, and I appealed it and asked that I should be surcharged for the loss of the rifle.
In my appeal, I said I should be surcharged for the rifle, which is in line with the Police Act, Section 400, which says any police officer or rank and file that loses his firearms by negligence or other means can be surcharged.
I demoted myself and came to Lagos in February 2009 with a letter which posted me to Area C. I have been working there since then. I put on my uniform and go to work every day.
It was when I asked for my salary through my DPO that they sent a signal that I was dismissed in February 2009.”

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Busted! End of the road!!

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typical corrupt policeman....lost your weapon....demoted yourself...transferred yourself...continued taking bribes.
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End of the road
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 Sad Shocked Shocked
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He should be sent away for a very long time
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