Real Or Hoax? Man Who Was Pronounced Dead Found At A Bar Drinking Beer During His Funeral (PHOTOS)

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In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man who had been declared dead has been found alive on the day of his burial. Pure drama took place in a village in Awendo, Migori, Kenya, after a man who was thought dead was found alive. Residents were shocked on Saturday, March 25, when the man believed to have died and whose burial plans were already underway, was found in a bar in Rongo, another town. Wilson Oluoch, a commercial motorcyclist in Migori county, went missing from his home for days, prompting his family to believe he was dead when a decomposing body was found in a sugarcane plantation in Awendo.
The body was believed to be that of Wilson because it and the family took the body and kept it in a morgue in Migori and embarked on burial preparations. They dug the grave, prepared meals according to the Luo culture and everything was ready when a message was delivered, saying that someone who looked like their son had been seen in Rongo.
The family visited the area and to their shock, Oluoch was in a bar, drowning in bottles of beer. According to him, he was ashamed when he returned home drunk and caused havoc, so he left to try another life elsewhere.
His parents who spoke to the media expressed their joy on realizing their son was still alive. Back home, mourning turned into feasting as villagers flocked their home to celebrate Oluoch, they ate and danced. It was learnt that plans are underway to refill the grave and return the unidentified body to the morgue. Meanwhile, the family has contacted the Luo council of elders to carry out cleansing rituals before Oluoch is allowed into the compound.

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Na wao
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Nor be Kenya? Anything, everything dey happen for that way

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Only in Kenya.

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Only in Kenya, Zimbabwe,zambia
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HMMM Thank God for your life
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Yes only in Kenya,,,
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correct man
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Anything is possible in Kenya
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hahahaha. na correct man like me jare. beer is Life
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Drink away ur death lol