Read This Hilarious Conversation Between Nigerian Man & A Pastor Who Tried To Scam Him

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A Nigerian man shared a screenshots of a conversation he had with a supposed “pastor”, who prophesied to him on social media and told him a woman in his family didn’t want him to progress in life.

According to the pastor;
“In my few prayers with you, I saw a woman in your family who don’t need your progress. you need to do something to break this yoke” The pastor wrote to him.
“Beloved in my prayers for you. God wants you to give a sacrifice that will pain you, a great seed of faith that will come from the heart and in less than one week you will begin to see Gdos divine intervention in your life.
The enemy would try all they can to see that you don’t get delivered from this yoke by not doing that the Lord has instructed you to do. But do not give chance to the devil to deny you of your rights.”

How this Nigerian guy shut down the pastor is so hilarious.

Read below:

tegonwa (m) at 17-09-2017 04:19PM
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Huhu So Humorous.Very Hopeless!Nawaa O!
gogoman (m) at 17-09-2017 04:30PM
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PASTOR AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
angesco (f) at 17-09-2017 04:38PM
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This is NOT new news.

We really have to STOP using the name of God in VAIN in Nigeria.

Some "pastors" are WORSE then pagans in their TREATMENT of God!

But UNFORTUNATELY thousands of Nigerians think MONEY paid to "pastors" will save them.

Sorry but it will NOT.

We are told in Isaiah 55:2 " Come, ALL you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who...WITHOUT MONEY and WITHOUT COST. "

DrSoba (m) at 17-09-2017 04:41PM
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I no fit laugh.
Floyd29 (f) at 17-09-2017 05:02PM
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Pastors of now our days
benosky4 (m) at 17-09-2017 09:13PM
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The pastor dnt even have good flows

ejikeiyo (m) at 17-09-2017 10:19PM
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CHRISETTE (f) at 18-09-2017 12:26AM
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The man na really scammer gave up sharp sharp
yawa_don_gas (m) at 18-09-2017 05:48AM
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Please can somebody tell me why everywhere I go na yawa dey there even here?
Sniper101 (m) at 18-09-2017 10:14AM
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y'all should pls quit calling out pastors and just shut the f*ck up

isn't it obvious right there that that person is a scammer who just decided to use 'Pastor' as his Identity?

why must y'all now begin to talk about pastors and the tithes n offerings they get from members?

if you're so poor and stingy DAT u don't pay tithes or give offerings, why must u criticize those who pay, alongside the men of God who receive them?

most people get blessed by some men of God what business of yours is it DAT they go to honour God with their tithes n offerings?

who in here will be blessed by someone n won't go back to DAT same person to show appreciation??

.....make una try dey use, atleast, small 'sense' dey drop una senseless comments for here...I beg una
BournIdentity (m) at 22-09-2017 03:13PM
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Roll Eyes                                                                           
BournIdentity (m) at 25-09-2017 04:58AM
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Roll Eyes