Wives & Their Children Are Not Meant To Bear Their Father's Last Name - Nigerian Feminist States Why

Published 1 year ago by: kacy lee
at 13-09-2018 08:44PM (1 year ago)

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A Nigerian feminist, Nkechi Bianze, who recently went viral on social media after saying ‘women didn’t come from men’s ribs’, has taken her time to give reasons why women and their children shouldn’t bear their husband/father’s last name.

See her post below;

“-Pregnancy and body changes. -Labour and/or CS. -Having strangers check your honeypot for contractions. -Episiotomy. -Membrane Sweep. -Bosom feeding

“I’m NOT sorry to say. But….People should stop mourning and complaining about how there are several Mother’s Days and just one Father’s Day. You can’t compare having sex and ejaculating to doing or going through at least three of those things listed.

“For every one Father’s Day, it’s very fair and ok for us to have 100 Mother’s Days. It’s perfect like that. I definitely want at least two biological children, and I’m dreading going through these twice. I covertly and overtly pray for twins, so I can use a stone to kill two birds, and avoid going through these things twice.

“How did the world come to agree that a child should bear the father’s surname? Women clearly do more than 90% of the job of bringing a child to the world. So, how did the early humans make such decision?

“I’m thinking something. Me and the father of my children will have to discuss about surname. I’m gong to go through a whole lot bringing these babies to the world, and I deserve a little more”.

However, in the comment section, her fellow feminists continued with the rant saying they won’t change their surname to their husband’s.

One of them also made mention that her children’s name will also be the combination of her name hyphen her husband’s name

She said “I was discussing this with a guy who was asking me out .. If I have our baby, we must name the child both our surnames hyphenated. No way I’m going through this poo and my baby wont take part of my name. He isn’t OK with it… I have asked him to walk.I am Not shifting grounds on that one. I ain’t even changing my name. Not even one name. I do not believe my name should be thrown away for any reason. He says it’s for easy identification… I said fine… Why not change your name to mine so we can easily be identified… Guess who thinks it’s ridiculous? Same dude. I just told him to carry himself away from me. It obviously can never work.”

fineboy77 at 13-09-2018 08:54PM (1 year ago)
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Women are already marrying themselves elsewhere,it will soon be a necessity for Nigerian feminists because our MEN wont bend.

ficull at 13-09-2018 09:11PM (1 year ago)
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We sabi overdo our own feminism. What’s next? Husbands are not supposed to use their pricks to impregnate their wives?
manbojo at 14-09-2018 12:08PM (1 year ago)
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Her opinion