Hahaha - Nigerian Girl In Uk Jailed For Claiming That She Was Raped

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(m) at 6-07-2010 11:15PM (9 years ago)

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This is just so rubbish, its a common trend among some girls in Uk to claim rape especially when they know the law protects them so much on such claims, its so sad alot of girls like to abuse this - This Nigerian chic was very unlucky on this occasion:


A student falsely claimed a cleaner raped her - so she could get an extension on her university coursework.

Temitope Adenugba, 24, was struggling to meet a deadline while studying at Oxford Brookes University last year.

She phoned police to tell them she had been abused as a child, before complaining she had also been subjected to a serious sexual assault as she slept in her college digs.

When officers went to see her at her halls of residence to take a statement, Adenugba pointed at cleaner Kunle Ogunmola and said: 'Can't talk here, that's the man who raped me.'

Mr Ogunmola was arrested, before a subsequent police investigation exposed Adenugba's catalogue of lies.

Last night, her victim said she had put him through a 'year of hell'. Mr Ogunmola said she had destroyed 'my reputation, my confidence and my life'.

Adenugba concoted the story in an attempt to get an extension on her end-of-term coursework, the court heard.

Sentencing her to 18 months in jail at Oxford Crown Court, Recorder Rabinder Singh QC attacked Adenugba's 'malicious allegations'. He added: ' It's extremely easy to make an allegation of rape when there's no foundation whatsoever. It's likely to have the perverse impact of guilty men walking free.'

The court heard that police attended Clive Booth Halls of residence, Oxford on May 21 last year after Adenugba reported historic abuse against her as a child.

Officers interviewed her but were stunned when she told them Mr Ogunmola had used a key to get into her room on April 13 and raped her.

A full police investigation was launched and the cleaner was quizzed and later arrested.

Detectives, however, found any keys taken by Mr Ogunmola had been returned by April 12 and he would not have had access to her room at any time.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1292055/Student-jailed-rape-claim-invented-extension-course-work.html#ixzz0swZ0B8Bn

xter (m) at 6-07-2010 11:19PM
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Its even worth more than hahaha. Dguy but why d gal wan destroy 9ja born like her?

Dguy (m) at 6-07-2010 11:22PM
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Well you know, its too funny.... surely shes been club-hoping whilst she had assignments and looking for easy escape ..... am glad she didnt ruin the innocent dude.

Its abuse of woman-hood

mazi (m) at 6-07-2010 11:30PM
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PreetyInstinct (f) at 6-07-2010 11:32PM
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Hmmm but dis is not in right section.

temi07 (f) at 7-07-2010 12:08AM
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She couldn't just drop the class if she wasn't able to pass? Damn this chic is insane.
HOPEA23 (f) at 7-07-2010 12:09AM
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the girl be need some cash...and wanted to use this man by suing him and ruinig his life.

aliaaz (m) at 7-07-2010 01:20AM
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ceejay58 (m) at 7-07-2010 01:29AM
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that's ridiculous!!!.
Toks-E (m) at 7-07-2010 08:09AM
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I swear, most women abuse that law very well

ajanni (m) at 7-07-2010 09:26AM
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Quote from: mazi on  6-07-2010 11:30PM

sophiebaby (f) at 7-07-2010 09:29AM
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i sorry for her oooo..  na life sentence?

Teeteeylaryor (f) at 7-07-2010 09:58AM
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she fail to plan, so she plan to fail going behind bars.......happy stay in the jail Grin Grin thank God she didn't succeed on d innocent cleaner........ Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

blings_is_back (m) at 7-07-2010 10:11AM
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she wanted her to get an extension and she really got it....... she got what she wanted
Teeteeylaryor (f) at 7-07-2010 11:05AM
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yes she over got wat she wanted extra extension to the JAIL Shocked Shocked Shocked

ajanni (m) at 7-07-2010 01:48PM
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she don pass well well now
esonu (m) at 7-07-2010 02:14PM
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chei this gurl don't paint our image with charcoal

solid_solid (m) at 7-07-2010 02:25PM
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good for people like her
bomsiluv (f) at 7-07-2010 02:36PM
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See open eye.............. dis girl na a very wicked girl. The stone wey she throw don fall for her head
Akpan01 (f) at 7-07-2010 02:44PM
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na wao...i don hear somethin today

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