"God Revealed To Me That Bishop Oyedepo Will Die Soon" - Apostle Okikijesu

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Prophetic Bombshell as Apostle Okikijesu says that God Told Me Pastors Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi Will Die Soon, They’ll Not Make Heaven.

In what he described as part of his prophesies for the year 2020, Okikijesu, also said that God revealed to him that the mentioned men of God will not have a place in heaven when they die.

In the messages he made available to us on Monday, the pastor said
“Thus says the Lord: My servant, will you not be surprise that I go into Redeemed Church and I observe [that there’s no] sheep that I can select? “That is the reason that I said my message for Adeboye is coming. .

I had informed him that whatever he likes, he can achieve, but he will not be admitted into my glorious home.
“He himself knew and he wants to start doing rectification process now. Even if he rectifies his ways, those who are dead due to his deceit and hypocrisy, can he revive them? .

“How many rectification steps did Reinhard Bonnke took before he died? My servant, I have told him to start putting his house in order, the day of his sleep is near. “Adeboye and Kumuyi and Oyedepo, I have told them to put their homes in order and be prepared to sleep.

 “Write these messages down because my judgment will be powerful in 2020. .
 “Thus says the Lord: I will send messages to these people to make amendments maybe they are going to organize a big revival/crusade or big lecture.

 “It must be a convention of ‘Departing from sinful ways and turning to God.’ I believe that your body/frame is a sinful frame, but the sin of bloodshed and worshipping other gods are abominations to I the Lord. .
“Thus says the Lord: As distinguished and famous as they are, will you not be surprise that they will not be admitted into My Home, if they refuse/failed to change?”

HiddenGenuis (m) at 7-01-2020 04:54PM
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Ummmm! na wa oooo.  God didn.t reveal 2 u  aow 2 make 9igeria gr8 abi. kontinue.
module (m) at 7-01-2020 05:05PM
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So d internet is now d best place to say it, u ppl think that there is no God. D day he will remember u ppl u will fear him
airboy02 (m) at 7-01-2020 05:36PM
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who be this one na ,God have Mercy
Fedchara (m) at 7-01-2020 05:37PM
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I cannot wish or boast for anyone not to make heaven, but pray they do as i pray same for myself. However for those in partisan politics, playing polticswith the politics of human blood, it is different, cus if they dont repent, those souls will rise in judgement and accusation against them, and my prayer cannot block their demand from God for vengeance and justice
kacylee (f) at 7-01-2020 07:38PM
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this is serious ooo

Osahenogae1 (m) at 7-01-2020 10:12PM
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Quote from: module on  7-01-2020 10:12PM
So d internet is now d best place to say it, u ppl think that there is no God. D day he will remember u ppl u will fear him
OmoNobaUku (m) at 7-01-2020 10:27PM
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We already know these things, without God telling us them.
ekogiaweplus (m) at 8-01-2020 12:04PM
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what about u? did God reveal to u dat u will make heaven ?
ugoviv (f) at 8-01-2020 12:35PM
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God will not revel good things to you it is bad things, useless man .