Faded Glory! Former Model And Dancer, Suzy Perez Struggling With Drug Addiction

Published On: July 13, 2020, 8:57 pm (4 months ago)
Author: Olusanya Akinrinola

In the ‘90s and early 2000s, Suzy Perez enjoyed a successful career as a model and a dancer. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Suzy moved to America with dreams of being part of the entertainment industry, and it didn’t take long for those dreams to come true. She was a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez and also worked with Sean Combs. Unfortunately, Suzy’s life took a turn in recent years and she is going through some struggles now.
Back in the fall of 2019, Univision’s Genela Solano discovered that Suzy Perez was living on the streets and had been battling an addiction to heroin for several years. Suzy reportedly told Genela that after her mother’s death, her life had gone into a downward spiral and she was struggling to stabilize her life.

People are really telling that this isn’t my mom... once again I’m reminded why I block and report so frequently because they don’t care about poor black and brown people. Unless it’s on their terms.
Suzy also revealed that she had a child, then shared a touching message for them: “I love you and want you to know you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she said into the rolling cameras. Three days later, Univision arranged for a moving reunion between Suzy and her child.
Recently, Suzy’s many well-wishers have been wondering how the former model has been doing. As part of her journey, Suzy started an Instagram profile where she shared progress photos and kept people in the loop. For a time, it looked as though Suzy’s life had taken a turn for the better. She was slowly making progress and accepting the support and help that she needed.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Suzy is again struggling with her addiction. Suzy’s child, Senna Celestino, recently shared on Twitter that their mother has relapsed and is currently living on the streets once again. “I appreciate the support y’all giving my mom. But she is using the money y’all give her on the street to buy drugs,” they wrote in a tweet. “She has denied housing and staying at the psych to continue to do drugs.”

“She is an adult and is able to consent for herself. We can’t make her get the help she NEEDS,” they continued in another tweet. At this time, Suzy’s Instagram account appears to be inactive, and there are no longer any public posts.
Suzy’s child also said that prior to this recent relapse, Suzy had been “making really good progress.” Our hope is that Suzy will once again decide to accept the help she needs. In the meantime, our thoughts are with Senna Celestino and any other people affected by Suzy’s struggle with addiction.

Posted: (4 months ago) on 13-07-2020 08:57 PM | Hero
Nawa oo
Posted: (4 months ago) on 13-07-2020 09:20 PM | Gistmaniac
Drug addict
You can really get to stop it
Once u find out the shit is Killin you
Posted: (4 months ago) on 13-07-2020 10:20 PM | Gistmaniac
This is sad..may God heal her
Posted: (4 months ago) on 14-07-2020 06:33 AM | Hero
she is far from being the shadow of herself... drug does not in any way pay, waste of money time energy emotions and  just keep mentioning the loses Angry Cool

Posted: (4 months ago) on 14-07-2020 08:40 AM | Addicted Hero
Chai! Cocaine, heroin, crack etc...you are a bastard!
Posted: (4 months ago) on 14-07-2020 03:16 PM | Upcoming
What a pity, she was a very beautiful woman. Now we cannot recognize her and I understand for one more time that drugs are something that destroys everything we have ever had and this is very sad. But maybe if she receives the correct care she will pass over this period. I have a friend who was drug-addicted and we thought that we lost him but thanks to his family now he is fine. They looked for specialists that could help him and they found this rehab https://www.abbeycarefoundation.com/rehab-gloucestershire/ center. After some months he passed over the drugs and now is helping the doctors with the addicted people as an example.
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 28-10-2020 04:42 PM | Newbie