Confusion over self-confessed witch

Date: 02-02-2011 10:54 am (13 years ago) | Author: Aliuniyi lawal
- at 2-02-2011 10:54 AM (13 years ago)

Two weeks after policemen rescued a self-confessed witch from being lynched by a mos at the Gowon Estate in Lagos, the police are at a loss as to what to do with the woman. Deputy Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos, Mr. Samuel Jinadu, told Daily Sun that the woman is still in the custody of the police as none of her relatives has showed up.

To worsen the situation, a dependable police source told Daily Sun that the woman has refused to reveal her identity.
“She has refused to talk to anyone. She is eating but she has refused to communicate with anyone,” the source said.
Daily Sun learnt that the police have been responsible for the treatment and feeding of the mystery woman. The police are also hoping that the mystery woman would not die in their custody, the source added.

“The only thing we know about this woman is that she claimed she is from Obubra in Cross River State. I’m appealing to members of the public searching for their missing ones to check at the Gowon Estate police station,” the source added.
Indeed, Tuesday, January 18, was like a normal working day for the family of Vincent Anamba (not real names). He and his household had returned from their daily duties and retired to their one-storey building on the Gowon Estate in Lagos.

After dinner, they said their usual night prayers and were about retiring to bed when they reportedly heard a loud bang on the roof of their building.
Anamba, whose attention was drawn to the strange noise by his wife, allegedly went outside the house to find out what was happening. Lo and behold, what confronted Anamba was the weird sight of a naked lady chanting incantations on top of his roof.

The businessman, who was shocked and confused, quickly raised the alarm. His neighbours were immediately attracted to the scene. The neighbours, who were as confused as Anamba, later came to terms with what they saw and decided to call in the police.
The police, Daily Sun learnt, did not respond on time. Consequently, the youths of the area became impatient and they started pelting the strange woman with stones, sticks and other objects.
The stranger reportedly became jittery. She reportedly made a desperate attempt to escape, but she fell through the roof, hit the ceiling and finally landed in Anamba’s sitting room.

Few hours later, the police stormed the scene and arrested the naked lady, who is believed to be in her late 30s.
Anamba recounted the strange experience in a chat with Daily Sun. He said: “It was stranger than fiction when I saw the naked woman. I thought I was dreaming but I later realized it was a reality when my wife and other neighbours also saw the same thing I was staring at.”
The woman, Anamba claimed, was chanting incantations, saying that the spirit that was holding her from flying back to Obubra in Cross River State should leave her alone.
A police source who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “When we received a distress call that a strange naked woman was on the roof of a storey building, we could not understand what the caller was insinuating until we arrived at the scene and met a naked, haggard looking lady in a man’s house while the owner of the house and his entire family were outside.”

The police officer revealed that the force was at the crossroads on what to do with the lady. “We don’t believe in magic but preliminary investigation has shown that the woman is not insane, neither is she a member of an armed robbery gang. How the woman climbed the storey building remains a mystery.”
He said the woman was being economical with the truth. “She has continued talking rubbish, saying she was in a spiritual aircraft that crashed. She has refused to reveal her identity. All she has continued to say is that one Vivian sent her to inflict epilepsy on another woman. This is unbelievable. I think the woman is hiding something from us.”

The police however, have combed the entire compound to check if there are other accomplices in the area but all to no avail.
The police became more confused as there was no ladder within the vicinity that would have provided aid to the lady.
Anamba and his wife believe that the woman is actually a witch on an evil mission who met a stronger power that disgraced her.
A pastor, who simply identified himself as Nnamdi said: “After listening to the confession of the woman, I believed her that she was on an evil assignment. She is not mad. She is normal, otherwise she would have revealed her identity.”
Meanwhile, the Gowon Estate police station and Anamba’s house have metamorphosed into tourist spots, with people coming from far and near to catch a glimpse of the mystery woman.

Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos, Mr. Frank Mba, confirmed to our reporter that a woman was actually found naked in the man’s sitting room at the wee hours of Tuesday, January 18.
Mba said: “It is true that such a thing happened but we are trying to unravel the circumstances that led to her being naked in somebody’s house at that unholy hour.”
The police spokesman, however, ruled out the possibility that the woman might be a witch. “What we did was to respond to a distress call and we rescued the woman from being lynched.”
He said the woman was in protective custody of the Force even as he asserted that investigation was on-going.
He also called on members of the public who might know the woman to report to the police.


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