VIDEO: Girl Disgraced By Irate Mob For Wearing Skimpy Dress In Abuja

7 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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(m) at 18-03-2013 03:40PM (7 years ago)

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When I ask you whats wrong with this photo, you guys think I am joking, well see what happened to this lady when she dressed insensibly to a No-Go zone in Abuja. Lets just say she got it real bad!!

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extofancy (m) at 18-03-2013 03:46PM
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This is barbaric,they don't have any right to molest her
Uchey90 (m) at 18-03-2013 03:48PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Idbabe (f) at 18-03-2013 03:50PM
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She got wat she deserved.  See her craw craw legs sef
temidgreat (f) at 18-03-2013 03:51PM
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hmmm; their daughters are going out unclad somewhere else;; wat's their problem;; abeg park well
dickman2 (m) at 18-03-2013 03:52PM
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abokis na very useless people ooh,,wetin this girl do them now ..
ela214 (f) at 18-03-2013 03:53PM
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hummm---- Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
jamepinto (m) at 18-03-2013 03:54PM
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this is very bad,i live everything for the uga wan they on top.
steveoneal (m) at 18-03-2013 03:54PM
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all these guys are animals,. even though the girl s outfit wasnt proper,,, on no account should they molest her,, i think if it was a bit late, they would have probably raped the lady,, Land without mercy,,,
Keffejude (m) at 18-03-2013 03:55PM
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  Shocked y boyz dey raise her gown & palm her Bosom  ? make them come see how 9ja women teenage kids dey 4k around d streets of London like say na achievement @ change lovers
dpenisum (m) at 18-03-2013 03:56PM
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Bad Market.
paulohking (m) at 18-03-2013 04:00PM
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Ain't here to judge
dickman2 (m) at 18-03-2013 04:00PM
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nothing good come from them ..aboki na abokis..see them face like fire wood,,very ugly nigerians..this is what their religion ask them to do ..mohammed boys at again ooh ..useless idiots
dickman2 (m) at 18-03-2013 04:10PM
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someone girlfriend or wife  for that matter..homeless boys don many for that abuja ooh
Shegzan (m) at 18-03-2013 04:12PM
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ezchusa (m) at 18-03-2013 04:14PM
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savelife (f) at 18-03-2013 04:19PM
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Na 2day Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Ecto (m) at 18-03-2013 04:29PM
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So that is how Naija is reacting to the Rape Case in India?
etibaba (m) at 18-03-2013 04:33PM
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Crap! no 1 has the right to molest her based on wat she was putting on.

DJSNIPPER (m) at 18-03-2013 04:35PM
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very bad 4 nigerians
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