Policeman’s Children Beats Pregnant Woman To Comma, Parents Support Them

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Mrs. James on hospital bed
I hope this story is really not true. So much injustice taking place in this country because someone is a mere mobile policeman. Lord have mercy. I really just hope this is not true. And if it is, the man needs to leave their little Idimu community and its police station to make complaints at higher quarters. This is unheard of! The story;

Medical doctors in an undisclosed  private  hospital at Idimu area of Lagos,  are currently battling to save the life of a pregnant woman, Mrs. Gloria James who was allegedly  beaten to a state of coma by children of a Mobile Policeman attached to MOPOL 20, Inspector Richard Ekpo, last Friday.

Unfortunately for the woman, efforts by doctors to save her first  two months pregnancy failed .

Mrs. Gloria Oluwatomiwa James was  allegedly  first attacked by one of  the policeman’s  son identified simply as  Olorunda  in front of her shop at  Idimu Mammy market during a verbal confrontation.

Trouble, as gathered, started  when she  demanded for an apology from Olrunda whom she said stepped on her while he was going to smoke Indian hemp from a local dealer around her shop.

Eye witnesses told Crime Guard that  the  area is not only noted for smoking Indian hemp but also a haven for  cultists . Although, there had reportedly been several raids and subsequent arrests by policemen, but that has not stopped  the deed.

Rather than apologise, Olorunda, as  gathered, reportedly was not any remorseful but confronted her.  He allegedly pounced on the pregnant woman for daring to ask him to apologise and gave her a thorough beating.Consequently she was  rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Crime Guard  learnt also that when her husband went to report the ugly development to the Mobile Policeman, he was also attacked by his children.  The seriously wounded woman narrated how the incident happened to Crime  Guard on her hospital bed.

Explaining with difficulty owing to the bruises on her mouth she said, “Last Friday , I was sitting in front of my boutique because there was no light,when a youn g man came to buy   Indian hemp from one of the local dealers around.  As he was trying to  sneak  in to avoid being seen,he stepped on my feet. As I bent to  move his leg,he asked why  I was  touching him rather than apologise.

Even when I showed  him the sand from the sole of his slippers  that was still on my feet, he still insisted that he didn’t step on me. An argument ensued during which he threathened to deal ruthlessly with me if I opened my  mouth to talk again. Before I could respond, he slapped and started hitting me.

“Other  shop owners who came to rescue me from his grips withdrew immediately they discovered he was the one. This is because everyone is afraid of him in that area.  That was how he continued to hit me, even when I ran  inside my shop.   It took the intervention of a policeman in uniform to rescue me from him.”

She continued, “ As  I was nursing my wound , he came back and demanded that I should give him N18, 000 for his gold necklace.  I told him  I didn’t see any necklace on him when he came and before I knew it, he continued from where he stopped.  He went ahead to destroy my wares… At that point, I ran to a corner of the shop and picked up my phone to call my  husband. Immidiately he saw me, he dared me to call anyone ,boasting that he was the son of a Mobile Policeman and that nobody can do anything to him. When I had the opportunity, I sneaked out to  Idimu Police division to lodge a complain.

Police attitude

“Immediately  I told the policemen that I was beaten by the son of a Mobile Policeman, they looked the other way.Then, all of a sudden, I started feeling funny and started vomiting.  Rather than sympathise with me, the policemen at the counter drove me outside, saying I should not mess up the environment. I went outside as directed and sent a text message to my husband  to rush to the station that I was dying.

“When he came, one of the policemen  told him to take me to the hospital. Even when he appealed  to the policemen to effect the arrest of their colleague’s son who was still destroying things in my shop, they refused.

“Out of pity , one of the policemen  whom I contacted earlier drove in with a van and voluntered to take me to the hospital. We, however , went to my husband’s shop first to take some money. On our way back, we stopped by Inspector  Ekpo’s house to inform him of his son’s action. But his wife walked us out of  her compound.

Another attack

Immediately we came out of the barracks gate, we were attacked by Olorunda, his brothers and their friends. They hit my husband with dangerous objects. In the process I fell down. They kicked me continuously on the stomach until I passed out, only to wake up to find myself in the hospital a week after.”

Collaborating her claim, her husband alleged that when he went to report the case at Idimu division, he was thrown inside the cell on the instruction of the Mobile Policeman whose children manhandled his wife. I was released after four days.

“Again, when I went to open my shop, Inspector Akpo came again with his children to attack me, asking who told me to open the shop. I was teargased inside a supermarket where I had run into to take refuge. Since then, I have not opened my shop,” he lamented.

Following this development, Crime Guard reliably gathered that after getting a strongly worded petition, Force Headquarters, Abuja ordered the immediate arrest of Inspector Ekpo while his children are presently on the run.

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nzewyte (m) at 5-04-2014 12:20PM
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Abuse of power.....you can see we are d architect of our own misfortune, if a lowly placed inspector can wield such power with some much arrogance, i wonder wht would happen if he were to b made an IG? The man n his thugs of children shd be incarcerated if truly there is justice! But my pple, i doubt if there still, is one!

HOPEA23 (f) at 5-04-2014 02:53PM
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Only in nigeria...

christianity (m) at 5-04-2014 04:12PM
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na only for naija agbero dey arrest citizens
bukkybukky (m) at 5-04-2014 04:57PM
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This is one side story, but is better u safe ur life.u ar pregnat and still fight with igbo smoker
okoroj (m) at 5-04-2014 04:59PM
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let them roth in jail
daveobahon (m) at 5-04-2014 05:00PM
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Topsylucas (f) at 5-04-2014 05:05PM
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what rubbish,2mr we'll be screaming, "govt dis, govt dat" whereas we re our own enemies. Sory dear woman,u were just un4tunate. Pls,in future when u see an indian hemp smoker,look d other way b4 ur story bcos a story dat touches.
cocoeni (f) at 5-04-2014 05:22PM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Angry Angry nawaoooh
pauldinnie (f) at 5-04-2014 05:42PM
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Kai this is a sad story
dareper (m) at 5-04-2014 06:25PM
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In nigeria, anything can happen
betaniluv (f) at 5-04-2014 07:22PM
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He purposely stepped on her so she'd talk and he'll show his strenght. Wayward child of a wayward father.
paulohking (m) at 5-04-2014 09:08PM
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supposed law enforcers supporting their criminal motherfuccking kids Angry
osamabinladin (m) at 5-04-2014 10:40PM
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 Roll Eyes
proly (f) at 5-04-2014 10:48PM
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benbellabiz (m) at 5-04-2014 10:54PM
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NPF attitude. they are the ones encouraging crimes in nigeria. what reason have they to put the man in cell for 4days?. the D.P.O is suppose to be arrested sef.
MRchina4u (m) at 6-04-2014 12:53AM
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The story is long.. please wetin  D dey talk
Kennie9696 (m) at 6-04-2014 07:59AM
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This can never be true story, it's a joke
doncoyon (m) at 6-04-2014 08:20AM
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olorubruku is killing olorunwa foolish people that is what we are saying even unborn child is corrupt and crazy in this country power drunk even on the child the wife too can slap anyone and get away from it that is one of the reason we need Biafra and we must get it in war am sure Britain will not help u this time
Nicksam (m) at 6-04-2014 03:20PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
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