Man Confesses How He Became Wealthy By Killing His Own Mother for Money Rituals

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A man has left many people in deep shock after he confessed to have slept with 30 virgins and sacrificed her mother for money ritulas.  A man has made a shocking confession on live radio how he used juju to kill his own mother just to become wealthy. The Ghanaian man made the confession on Vision FM Ghana. He said, he was also instructed to sleep with 30 virgins every Friday if his money must continue to grow.

 According to Ghana Reporters, the boy who’s name have been withheld confessed that he killed his own mother and used her for money rituals. He said
“I was fifty when I started sakawa (juju), I was in introduced by my school father in secondary school at PAMASS on the Winneba road."

 He further said that for his juju to keep working, he must sleep with virgins every Friday.

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Just wait and see how your own son will kill you too...that is if you have one
-- deboalabi262 (m) at 21-02-2017 04:22PM
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Unbelievable......uhhh, his mama

-- mensch (m) at 21-02-2017 04:31PM
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Frist of all, to Sleep with 30 virgins every friday is not possible.
Other things is your own cup of water.
-- morolayo (f) at 21-02-2017 05:12PM
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  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- victorstic1 (m) at 21-02-2017 05:57PM
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Just dey there dey deceive urself

-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 21-02-2017 08:44PM
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-- WhaleDog (m) at 22-02-2017 05:47AM
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This one Na real psycho,where u go get 30 virgin to sleep with in just a day ,How on earth is possible a single man with just one Dickson will sleep with 30 girls .Dem supposed carry u go for mental check up ,it's very convincing u ain't normal at all

-- Larry28 (f) at 22-02-2017 11:51AM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- Kroffor (m) at 22-02-2017 12:26PM
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And some fools would believe any crab they read on internet.
Illiteracy and too much superstition is holding Africa from catching up with the rest of the world.
-- BournIdentity (m) at 24-02-2017 10:10AM
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Chhaaaiiiii God have mercy.., chhaaaiiiii...,