There Will Be Blood If Grazing Colonies Are Created - The Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC)

Published 2 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 21-01-2018 09:36AM (2 years ago)

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The Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC) warned on Tuesday that ‘No inch of Yoruba territory must be ceded for Cattle Colony’ by the State or Federal Governments, in a statement issued at Ibadan.

The group accused President Mohammadu Buhari of promoting ethnic supremacy through his indifference to Fulani genocide and savage manslaughter.

“It is the first time in Nigerian history that the Federal Government will boldly and without shame support armed insurgents and murderers. This is the worst scene in recent human history that no one can ever forget in a hurry.” ONAC berated the Governor of Ondo State, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu for his support for the Fulani herdsmen.

According to ONAC, Akeredolu said that he would not ban grazing, despite over 200 Ondo farmers losing their jobs and even killed by Fulani herdsmen.

ONAC also accused the Herdsmen of kidnapping a former Presidential aspirant, Chief Olu Falae and molesting and kidnapping innocent Ondo people without end.

ONAC also added in their statement, “It is clear from Akeredolu’s statement that after selling his own conscience, he does not care about selling the entire future of the people of Ondo state for a pittance. But this era will pass and treacherous leaders will soon account for their ignominy.”

The Pan Yoruba group said any attempt to cede any Yoruba territory in the traditional Yoruba homes of Ogun, Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Akoko Edo, Itsekiri, Kwara and Kogi States is an invitation to anarchy. ONAC said any governor that harbours “Cattle Colonies” in Yoruba territory is inviting mayhem and bloodletting.

“We caution that land in Yorubaland is not a free enterprise. Land is owned by families and traditional communities. It is not conceivable that these lands will be hijacked by the Federal Government to benefit a few armed groups parading themselves as pastoral Fulani. The question we should ask is this: Can the Fulani land in Sokoto andu Zamfara be taken over by the Federal Government and handed over to Yoruba cocoa farmers?” The group said.

“We warn South West States never to allow grazing routes or Cattle colonies in any Yoruba territory. This will amount to using the Nigerian state machinery to commit atrocious crime against the indigenous Yoruba people. It is a conscious attempt to impose Fulani tyranny and conquest by other means on the Yoruba people”, ONAC added in the statement signed by its Deputy Chairman, Mr Olalekan Akinduro.

slimber at 21-01-2018 11:03AM (2 years ago)
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Hmmmm country thst don't have law make una keep quite them go kill una finish...
Wazubia at 21-01-2018 11:21AM (2 years ago)
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proly at 21-01-2018 11:49AM (2 years ago)
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Is because of all this runish that donald trump call nigeria a shithole country....if not because of.our greedy politicians ..nigeria is the best country with nice and warm whether...all this fulanis need to be flushed out...and the president have never act or say anything about them...if.its biafra or niger delta..he will send his troops of army...
fineboy77 at 21-01-2018 02:06PM (2 years ago)
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This is an intelligent awareness campaign by the Yoruba people,I pray that my Igbo brothers and sisters will follow suit. I still dont understand why their land is not enough for them,why on earth will they need to go to other peoples land to impose themselves if not for supremacy and conquest?,like play like play,dem go enter every nook and cranny,and impose their deadly religion and evil ways on the people. Let no one open their doors to these vampires because their agenda is not hidden.

ehudomalt at 21-01-2018 02:41PM (2 years ago)
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I don't know y d housas are treating Igbo and Yoruba as if they are strangers in dis nation
benosky4 at 21-01-2018 04:39PM (2 years ago)
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Very good of OODUA,
politicians are pervert that don't care for generations to come.

xspraise at 21-01-2018 10:23PM (2 years ago)
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this country is turning in something else

crocatum at 21-01-2018 10:56PM (2 years ago)
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schemes of the destroyer be  destroyed, evil leaders be destroyed, we shall lives and be stronger, we shall be wiser, we shall take authoriy over the dragon and smash the head. be destroyed where-ever you have gathered, be destroyed as you attack, be destroyed after you have planned wickedness, and be consumed where-ever you are, be destroyed from now, be destroyed as you eat, be destroyed as you walk, be destroyed as you relax. Let the earth be at disposal to destroy you and them, let the wind be ready, let the sword devour the destroyer, let the fire consume you let the void keep you in your land of waste. be destroyed. I declare victory, i declare upliftment, give the afficted wisdom, give them all they need, they would not suffer, raise the up the champions of elevation, the champions of delivarance, destroy this powers for all power belongs to him, destroy their armies, destroy their wickness and it power.
segfol at 22-01-2018 07:37AM (2 years ago)
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We should all know that Amosun,Akeredolu and Bello are Buhari's boys,and they belong to the same caucus.But they should realized that land in their various state does not belong to their family.Cattle colony will bring more bloody clashes if it is being established in yoruba states.SAY NO TO CATTLE COLONY IN YORUBA STATES.
ruthie at 22-01-2018 08:14AM (2 years ago)
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foolish people....ask them what they mean by colonies they cannot tell...rather they are spewing out thrash and idiots are supporting them...unintelligent fellows
sirremedy at 22-01-2018 10:32AM (2 years ago)
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it's unfortunate the federal government has been reduced to sectional and family organization.
Cattle rearing is a personal business which should not be sponsored by the federal government with national resources.
The resources at the disposal of the federal government is a collective wealth of the nigerian people and not the fulanis only.

When has it ever been heard that a man from Ogun state went to Taraba state to farm cocoa and demanded, though violence and blood shedding, that the federal government provides free land for his cocoa farming business?

we all must learn to tell ourselves the truth in this country. lets stop giving ethnic coloration to governance in Nigeria.
if a fulani cattle rearer wants to ranch his cattle in Ondo state or any other state, he should as a matter of personal business purchase a land in accordance with the state law and ranch his cattle thereon.

On the issue of cattle colonies, we all must hold our governors accountable. The federal government can't establish the colonies without the consent of the governors.
Section 1 of the land use Act vests every land in the state in the office of the governor of that state.
Let's hold our governors against giving in to this grand devilish plan to over run the south by the fulanis!

in other news, students seeking scholarship should apply for this:

Zadok1 at 22-01-2018 12:01PM (2 years ago)
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Quote from: Wazubia on 21-01-2018 11:21AM
Do you still believe in Nig system of govt, even if one person voted for Buhari he
will win the 2019 election, unless he decided not to run for election.