10 Reasons Why You Should Get Shutters for your Home

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Windows throughout your home are a great way to add natural light to your environment in addition to allowing for unobstructed views into exterior gardens, patios and other beautiful natural landscapes. A great way to dress up your windows is the installation of window shutters, an affordable way to upgrade your home's interior and one of the best investments you can make in the area of home improvement. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider investing your home improvement dollars in shutters:

Versatility and Style
A wide range of window shutters are available to enhance your home's modern, traditional or transitional style of décor. Windows with shutters constructed from authentic wood, hybrid or UV-resistant materials add an element of style and versatility to every room in your house, from kitchen and living room to family room, bathroom or master bedroom.

An Extension of Any Décor
The great thing about installing shutters is that today's shutter styles can be customized to match and enhance your current décor. Today's shutters offer homeowners the largest selection of choices in paint and stains to match your décor, whether you are living in an American colonial mansion in Washington, D.C., a relaxed ranch style house in Southern California, or an Art Deco condominium in New York City.

Affordable Window Customization
Are you asking yourself are shutters a good investment? Be aware that installing shutters is both an affordable and inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your windows. Shutters allow you to create a different window look in every room of your house. There are shutters with smaller louvers to accommodate small kitchen or attic windows, while shutters with larger louvers are perfect for large bedroom or living room windows, when you want or need more view-through capability.

Adjustment to Your Climate Needs
Do you live in a humid or rainy climate? You can choose shutters that are waterproof, constructed of materials that won't warp. Are you living in a climate with hard winters? Wooden shutters do a lot to help create a feeling of cozy warmth indoors. Today's shutters are also easy to maintain, with most styles simple to clean with soap and water.

Convenient Light Adjustment
Shutters in bedroom windows are one of the most efficient ways to block out unwanted light. By rotating the louvers on the shutters at various angles, you can control the amount of light you want to enter a room. Shutters are also a great way to decrease energy costs, since they can be closed to keep heat in, or opened to allow more warmth from sunlight inside.

Perfect for Any Window Shape
Even odd-shaped windows in your house, including those that are arched or have unusual angles such as hexagon shaped, can be outfitted with just the right shutters. No matter what your window shape or size, you can order customized shutters to make an attractive window treatment.

Increased privacy
Bathrooms and bedrooms are the perfect place for using window shutters because these are rooms in your home where you privacy is a priority. A single shutter panel features an upper half of the shutter that can stay open for admitting light into the room, while the bottom half of the shutter remains closed for the ultimate in privacy. And in addition to privacy, an added bonus to using shutters is the nice way they work to absorb sound, leading to a more quiet and peaceful home interior environment.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays
Most homeowners take pride in their furnishings and flooring and don't want to see these items ruined by exposure to sunlight and the associated harmful UV rays that can discolor, bleach or fade fabrics. Having windows throughout the home outfitted with shutters helps you control the amount of sunlight that can enter any room. Shutters can help you to completely shut out the sun's rays at those specific times of the day when sunlight streaming through the window on a repeated basis can cause damage to your furnishings, artwork, area rugs, carpeting or hardwood flooring.

More Sanitary Than Soft Window Treatments
Dust, dirt and allergens that can be harmful to the health of everyone living in the house can collect on a day to day basis on soft window treatments such as curtains. But window shutters are very easy to clean, even on a daily basis, using a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. This can prove especially beneficial to homes in which occupants suffer from seasonal allergies or other respiratory ailments. Shutters can easily be kept clean on a daily basis without removing them from your house, compared to drapes or curtains which have to be taken down to be thoroughly cleaned and then hung up again.

Increased Resale Value of Your Home
Statistics prove that installing window shutters is among the most sound home improvement investments any homeowner can make. They help to improve the resale value of your home because they add a certain style and panache to any room, making the windows have a more attractive appearance. When home buyers enter a house where window shutters are in place, they immediately appreciate the sense of style and elegance that window shutters have in improving the environment.

Ask any homeowner who has made the decision to install shutters as a way of upgrading their window treatments and they will tell you how happy they are about their decision. Not only do window shutters boost a home's already attractive style of décor, they help to make a room's environment more sanitary since they can be easily cleaned from dirt, dust and allergens. Shutters also give homeowners more control over the amount of light that filters into each room, preventing unwanted harmful UV rays of sunlight from damaging artwork, area rugs and carpeting, hardwood flooring and furniture.

Window shutters are also among the most affordable home improvement projects providing the largest amount of benefits for the dollars expended. There is such a wide inventory of shapes and styles of shutters available that not only can homeowners customize window shutters to meet their needs, they can also purchase shutters that meet their home improvement budget. And best of all, shutters are one home improvement project that enjoys a very high rate of return on investment.