Yoruba Girl Reveals Her Father Pays Her N60K To "Bang" Her

Published 1 month ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 19-01-2020 09:01AM (1 month ago)

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A woman by name Tife from Oyo state, has revealed how her father pays to sleep with her. Tife who is about to gain admission into the University revealed this to a councillor where she sought to seek an advice as to the incessant activity going between she and her dad.

According to Tife she said, the whole thing started when she was 16 years old. She was getting undressed in her room when her father bombed into her and looked at her in a suspicious way. That was how she knew that her father was asexually attracted to her. She said that very day, her dad only played with her Bosom  and did not have any intercourse with her. She said the day she and her dad started having intercourse was when he came back from a business trip and she rushed to welcome him. She said that day her father had sex with her and, Since then it had continued on different occasions.

Tife said initially her mother was not aware until her mother saw her coming out of her father's room with just a towel and since then the mother had been curious about something going on between she and her dad. Tife said her mother had been monitoring she and her father's activities until one day, her mother caught them kissing which broke her heart and had broken the relationship between she and her mother.

Tife also made known that her father let go 50,000 to 60,000 naira to her whenever they finish having intercourse. She disclosed that her father isn't using her for ritual as she is the one who most times initiate the act. "I don't think he does it for ritual purposes as I think because, sometimes, I am the who initiates the whole thing, " she said.

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blowout at 19-01-2020 02:22PM (1 month ago)
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Na you dey use yaself for rituals so o
Doyourworst at 19-01-2020 02:34PM (1 month ago)
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How dare you Bitch!...Daughter from the very pit of Hell. Your father is morally Bankrupt. Chai.
mgiwa6 at 19-01-2020 07:08PM (1 month ago)
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Both you and your father need to go and commit suicide.
ejiretwins at 19-01-2020 08:49PM (1 month ago)
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And then you put the picture Moet Abebe in the post. What rubbish is that?
Asyansunzyto at 20-01-2020 03:28PM (1 month ago)
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This is just  a cooked up story. it's never true.
deboalabi262 at 22-01-2020 05:35PM (1 month ago)
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Just too bad, A taboo of the highest, very disgusting Sad Sad Sad Sad Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

deboalabi262 at 22-01-2020 05:55PM (1 month ago)
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 Huh? Huh?