Former BBNaija Housemate, Alex Reveals Encourages Youth To Fight On, Until They Win

Published On: October 25, 2020, 7:13 pm (1 month ago)
Author: Olusanya Akinrinola

Big Brother Naija, reality star, Alexandra Asogwa AKA Alex, has revealed how she has been really struggling mentally for days and hence her silence amidst little humor here and there.
It’s been days since tragedy befell us at lekki massacre gate after the government sent soldiers to take lives and injure survivors. They have also been killing us in other places but we kept pushing. It’s a trying time for fearless right thinking Nigerians and I’m glad we are trying to overcome all this with humor. May the souls of our lost heros Rest In Peace. May God comfort their families and provide for them as I extend my condolences.

It further breaks my heart that some people have sold their souls to the devil, denying things that happened and things we saw. As I ran from that on gate on 20/10/2020 hearing gunshots behind, I turned off my live video because I was scared and I prayed someone wasn’t on 3% battery like I was and was brave enough to show the world all that went down. God blessed us with heros that stayed back and it is disgusting that we are looked in the face and called fools upon evidence. They have succeeded in slowing us down a bit, distracting us from all corners but this fight can never be over until won because we are fighting for the right course.

2023 is far but so near as we’ll be doomed if we don’t start to put plans in place now. The 5% win us by dividing us. This isn’t tribal war or revenge on our bad leaders. This is taking what belongs to us the right way. Do not loose focus or energy. We dare to want a better Nigeria and we will get it. Have you educated that clueless youth on your street? Do it now. Have you gotten your pvc ? Put in effort.
I won’t lie that I’m not broken as my heart body and soul is but it isn’t taken and I’ll put the pieces together and continue this course in which I’ve invested so much time, prayers, funds, emotions and high hopes which isn’t lost as there is life and the labors of our heros past shall never be in vain. We won’t give up rather we will put in place things we didn’t and We move!. Never forget why we started this. Never give up. To our siblings in other parts of Africa and the world at large having hard times, we pray and stand with you. IT IS WELL

Posted: (1 month ago) on 25-10-2020 07:13 PM | Hero