US Based Journalist Azuka Jebose, Blasts Dino Melaye For Saying COVID 19 Vaccine Kills

Date: 18-12-2020 8:32 pm (4 months ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 18-12-2020 08:32 PM (4 months ago)

Senator Dino Melaye says you should not take the COVID 19 vaccine,Azuka says you will die if you do not take it and he states solid reasons behind what he says.

Read and discuss what you think....

Mr Jebose says....


If you listened to Dino Melaye’s ignorantly loaded video campaigning against the Covid-19 vaccine, you may die. Do not believe his infantile reasons why you should not take the vaccine. Dino is not a scientist, but attention seeking conspiracy theory peddler.
He is a hustler-Senator. Only in Nigeria. He has the wealth to buy the best treatment and care if infected with covid-19. And you, the foolish Dino follower go just die for believing in his nonsense.
Do Not believe him.
Please take the vaccine whenever you have the opportunity to take it. Covid-19 is real and deadly.
He does not know about what he is peddling. He couldn’t even pronounce the words. Dino is a wanna-be victim of Trump conspiracy campaigns.
Dino is misleading you towards death with misinformation and ignorance.
He questioned why vaccines for HIV have not been developed. If only the fool would take a few moment to research. Right now 307,512 persons have died from covid-19 in the United States since March. 970,000 people died from HIV globally in 2019. 16 Million new covid-19 cases in the United States as at 7.11 am while 1.7Mlion people became infected with HIV in 2019. 32.7 Million people have died from HIV, globally since the pandemic started in 1976. Covid has so far claimed the lives of 1.49Million people, globally. Do the Math before you follow a misinformed lousy idol.
I am a covid-19 survivor and I will take the vaccine as soon as it reaches my county.
Stay With Me!
Azuka Jebose

Posted: at 18-12-2020 08:32 PM (4 months ago) | Hero
- smart61 at 18-12-2020 10:07 PM (4 months ago)
Dino melaye is another Nigerian politician I hate to see. A political conman and yahoo yahoo ex-senator.
Posted: at 18-12-2020 10:07 PM (4 months ago) | Gistmaniac