If You're 35 & Above & Not Married, There's Nothing Stopping You Having Your Own Baby-Lady Says

Date: 31-03-2021 4:15 pm (2 weeks ago) | Author: Giwa bayo
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"Ladies, if you are 35 and above, and you are not yet married, please there is no law that says you can't have your own baby if you wish to do so! Even in the Bible, there is no verse I can remember, that says everybody must get married or that condemns single mothers.

So if you are still worrying about what people and society will say, then I'm so sorry for your life because you don't know the value. You can only come but once in this world, so if you are not living a happy life now, make sure you make it to heaven then, only there you can recover what is lost.

Children are blessings from God, so don't be ashamed to reproduce and share from that blessing. There is time for everything, and it's risky getting pregnant from 40 years up. Any man that truly loves you, baby or no baby, will surely come for you.

So decide now, if you are living for yourself or for the people and the society. As an expert in Human Relations and Society, I have spoken! And you can quote me anywhere in the world."

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- Baye77 at 31-03-2021 04:56 PM (2 weeks ago)
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On social media, everybody seems to have opinion about everything, putting unwise people under undue pressure.smh..
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- kingoflion1 at 31-03-2021 06:54 PM (2 weeks ago)
Yes that is truth for those who understand the reality of this life. If you are 35 and above and you are not married, check your character, you must be bad mannered human being or you are a weyward  slay queen. Ashawo.  Grin Grin Grin
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- gogoman at 31-03-2021 07:46 PM (2 weeks ago)
una never see anything.. sebi u wants to be acting like a man...... continue and let see who go be 40yr and cry  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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