Alleged Maltreatment: KWAM 1’s Ex-Drummer, Ayankunle Agrees To Stop Social Media Attacks

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The ongoing feud between Kwam 1 and his aggrieved ex-drummer Ayankunle Ayanlowo is over if recent reports are anything to go by.

On Monday, the Aseyin of Iseyin, Sefiu Adeyeri III, intervened in the lingering crisis between both parties, with Mr Ayanlowo promising to sheathe his sword.

According to a Tribune report, the monarch intervened and asked Mr Ayanlowo to refrain from portraying his former boss in a negative light on social media.

Mr Ayanlowo, who was Kwam 1’s drummer for 32 years, has been in the news for alleging that his former boss enslaved and maltreated him.

He also likened their professional relationship to that of a master and a slave.

But Kwam 1 debunked the allegations in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, stating that it’s absurd to suggest he treats people like slaves, noting that his drummer has always been disloyal.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the monarch said he felt compelled to intervene and work towards peacefully resolving the crisis because both parties have links with the Iseyin local government, Oyo State.

The Tribune quoted the monarch as saying, “What Kunle told about his work experience and the video made by his former boss, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde, have been heard by me.

“All I will say is that both should allow peace to reign. Kunle was told to stop posting videos abusing his former boss and has started efforts to reach out to K1 for a peaceful reconciliation. I have read and listened to many angles to the issue from individuals taking sides, but as a monarch, I will want peace and not for this to continue,”
the monarch said.

Following the intervention, the newspaper said the drummer heeded the king’s advice.

He said: “It was said to me that I should not attack anyone anymore through social media or live interviews, and I have agreed with the monarch.

“I just want to start by appreciating all those who stood with me during my travail till now, those who heard my voice and have supported me morally, spiritually and financially. I pray that the Lord Almighty will not abandon them all; their children will never suffer in their effort to seek survival.”

Before this peace meeting, the drummer recently alleged a threat to his life after speaking out against his former boss.

He also pleaded with Nigerians to come to his aid so he wouldn’t end up like the late Mohbad.

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This is wrong. Ayankunle did not attack Wasiu through social media. He merely relayed his experiences of working with him, which incidentally wasn't isolated to him. It relates to all former and current members of Wasiu's band. Therefore it is wrong to narrow the issue down to Wasiu vs Ayankunle alone. It is only that Ayankunle was the only one brave enough to speak out about maltreatments and abuse they all suffered. Rather than the monarch calling for peace to reign, he should have appealed to Wasiu to pay restitution to Kunle and others so that peace can reign. There can be no peace without justice and fairness otherwise, you simply kick the can down the road!
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