Veteran Nigerian Celebrities and Children - Like Father Like Son

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This post dwells on veteran celebrities who have made their mark in their chosen fields of endeavour and whose children are now toeing their paths.

While some are deceased others are still active and at times paired with their children in movies. Here's my 7 list and as usual in alphabetic order.

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1) Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello and Son Femi Adebayo

59 year-old Adebayo Salami is one of the most successful and most celebrated veteran actors in the Nigerian film industry. He's starred in over 200 movies and garnered a lot of accolades.
His son Femi Adebayo who dumped his wig and gown for acting about 8 years ago is also doing incredibly well in the yoruba movie scene.

2) Adeyemi Afolayan aka Ade Love and Son Kunle, Aremu&Gabriel Afolayan

Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love) needs no introduction. Though now deceased, but in his lifetime the foremost filmmaker raised a lot of bars. Asides acting, his vocal dexterity was also a plus, infact he also produced soundtracks of movies.
Needless to say his sons Kunle, Aremu&Gabriel who are seasoned and award-winning thespians are still hoisting their father's colourful flag. And there's this touch of style and excellence in what they do.

3) Arthur Modupe Alade and Son Dare Art Alade

Presently, there's no picture for Dare's father (except if you have it somewhere), but during his realm, he was versatile and talented; he could sing different parts of music, crack ribs and his Art Alade show was always a delight to watch. His son Dare got his talent from his father. The Project Fame West Africa finalist is one of the best R'n'b singers the country has ever produced.

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4) Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Sons Femi and Seun Anikulapo Kuti

Who doesn't know Fela? The saxophone-wielding, musician and composer whose impact is still felt till date. Infact a considerable number of contemporary musicians draw so much inspiration from him.
But we take consolation in the fact that Femi and Seun, the most popular of his numerous sons have stepped into his shoes and continued where he stopped.

5) Jide Kosoko and daughter Sola Kosoko-Abinna

Trained actor, Jide Kosoko who has been acting for over 15 years hasn't in the least bit waned in influence. The 58 year-old theatre practitioner's pretty daughter Sola Kosoko who got married few months ago is also a well-known face in the Nollywood industry.

6) Sunday Omobolanle aka Aluwe and Olasunkanmi Omobolanle

Fondly called Pappy Luwe, when it comes to comic roles, Sunday Omobolanle isn't a weakling. The Oyo-state indigene's acting career spans decades.
His light-skinned son, Olasunkanmi who tied the knots last year has also been acting for the past 7 years and not doing bad for himself too.

7) Pete Edochie and Son Yul Edochie

Heavily-bearded veteran, Pete Edochie has certainly paid his dues as long as Nollywood is concerned. Whether he is playing the role of a stern-faced man who would poison his sibling the nextminute over plots of land or a caring father (which is rare), the Igbo actor has been a blessing.
Unlike his father who fits into 'wicked' roles easily, handsome Yul maintains his cool, is soft-spoken and a gentle lover (in movies).

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I know there's more to this list, so rather than criticize this post for omitting some notable celebrities and their children, please feel free to add any names you can recollect to the end of the post.

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