All Nigerian Press Men Are Going To Hell- Majek Fashek

Published 6 years ago by: opemipo adeniyi
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at 8-06-2013 09:49PM (6 years ago)

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Hmm, Majek Fashek has been rumored to be sick in the past. As a mater of fact, he was sick. Here is what he said in a recent interview about the Nigerian press, infact Africa as a whole, lol. Me i am not going to hell o, but making heaven. Enjoy the short interview after the cut.

               What message do you have for people; especially those who say you are sick?Me?
 I don’t have any message for anybody, the message I have for the Nigerian press is that they are going to hell.
 Why? Hell? And do you know you are also including me?
Not you, but for those who always write and give false information about me and for blaspheming the prophet. Me and Jesus Christ, we are one, me I no dey follow Jesus Christ like Christian o, I am following Jesus Christ in a different way and in different form.So, the Nigerian press that is running against the truth will go to hell, it’s not you I am referring to. Okay, who gave me rain maker? It was the Nigerian press that was good press like you. May God help you in your press profession. It was good people like you then that gave me rain maker in the late 80s and I am sure you must be in secondary school then, abi I lie? They don’t take bribe, it is you that will use your sense to give them envelope, they don’t demand anything from you, and it is you that will give them, not them demanding for it. But the press we have now will always demand for bribe. So, Nigerian press, no don’t let me use Nigerian press, let me say African press, is fed up because of bribery and corruption.
But would you agree with me that you are sick?
Yes, I was sick, anybody can be sick. What I have is spiritual problem which I am dealing with. Even in the Bible, it was stated that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but wickedness in high places. I am a freedom fighter, I can never be shot like Lucky Dube, I am invincible, you can’t shoot me. I am Anikulapo.

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rebeccatgold at 8-06-2013 09:54PM (6 years ago)
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 Grin Grin Grin
winace at 8-06-2013 11:14PM (6 years ago)
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Hmmmmmm how did u kn dat o
Austinjack at 9-06-2013 12:24AM (6 years ago)
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Are u ok
HOPEA23 at 9-06-2013 12:43AM (6 years ago)
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Which kind yeye interview be this?

maxzy277 at 9-06-2013 01:19AM (6 years ago)
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Na wa o!, So The Rain Maker don dey go GAGA…
Shegzan at 9-06-2013 01:49AM (6 years ago)
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mathzno at 9-06-2013 02:56AM (6 years ago)
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 Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool This is the result of 14 books of Mosscow
etibaba at 9-06-2013 04:13AM (6 years ago)
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Ganja is bad.

morgrawl231 at 9-06-2013 04:19AM (6 years ago)
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Biafranwar at 9-06-2013 05:50AM (6 years ago)
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denmal at 9-06-2013 06:07AM (6 years ago)
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is this interview?
isbigo at 9-06-2013 06:39AM (6 years ago)
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sandra78 at 9-06-2013 06:51AM (6 years ago)
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This Man don High,,, come begin see himself as the Invisible Man...... Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
ezchusa at 9-06-2013 07:04AM (6 years ago)
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lolz, the .guy dey even quote Bible

sucre4u at 9-06-2013 07:37AM (6 years ago)
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D invincible man? Ok o
DRraze at 9-06-2013 07:42AM (6 years ago)
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 Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
osamabinladin at 9-06-2013 08:00AM (6 years ago)
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But his statements are sane !
micc at 9-06-2013 08:09AM (6 years ago)
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Abeg that man needs serious help o
Tayvado at 9-06-2013 08:30AM (6 years ago)
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no mata wat mehhhhhn, u were 1 of d best if not d best, i stil salute u my broda, u stil d make sense well 4d nonsense, bcus no b evwiebody fit evn qoute bible.
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