Married Actress Caught With Man Inside Hotel Room In Lagos

Published 6 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 12-11-2013 11:11AM (6 years ago)

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Infidelity is gradually becoming the order of the day among married woman, especially those in entertainment and other related sectors in Nigeria. Few months after a Nollywood actor's wife was caught i a raunchy BBM exchange scandal with a man believed to be a South-South governor, another married actress has been caught red handed in a more shameful act in Lagos.

A lady who know her very well spotted her with a businessman inside the bar of a local hotel and became a bit suspicious as the man was not her husband. The lady paid one of the guys in the local hotel to plant a camera in the room they booked and below is the result...

I hear that the girl, who is from Kogi State, has been blackmailing the actress and collecting money from she and her secret lover. The lady has a complete video of them in the illicit affair. What a shame!

ThoRam at 12-11-2013 11:17AM (6 years ago)
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hmmm  Undecided  

angesco at 12-11-2013 11:19AM (6 years ago)
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Please tell me it was not Ese Walter pretending to be an actress and a married woman!

She's good at taking on the roles of "others!"
jossy4reall at 12-11-2013 11:36AM (6 years ago)
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and na u dey come report am to abi?

vantheo at 12-11-2013 11:54AM (6 years ago)
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hmmmmmm.......dat 2nd picture

Yossman at 12-11-2013 12:13PM (6 years ago)
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what rubbish why dnt u block her face if u are nt blackmailing her too.or write her name.non sense
micc at 12-11-2013 12:26PM (6 years ago)
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I can't see it well  Roll Eyes
paulohking at 12-11-2013 12:40PM (6 years ago)
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hmmmmmmmmmmm  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
schmit at 12-11-2013 12:42PM (6 years ago)
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who be dis oooooooooo?
odprince at 12-11-2013 12:43PM (6 years ago)
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poster,why did you block everything and never tell us her name....idiot
Afrogotojail at 12-11-2013 12:44PM (6 years ago)
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Mr Poster more detail
zeigbo at 12-11-2013 01:07PM (6 years ago)
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Ok nw

vicklove at 12-11-2013 01:40PM (6 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
orekiata at 12-11-2013 01:52PM (6 years ago)
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Let the actress confess all her sins to her husband, he might forgive her, even  if he refused to forgive her,  at least she will have a peace of mind instead of  succumbing to a blackmailer.
Suip at 12-11-2013 01:58PM (6 years ago)
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This is blackmailing , if not that , why dn't you show her face clearly
onyeozo at 12-11-2013 01:59PM (6 years ago)
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Mr poster na lie
BlueIxora at 12-11-2013 02:00PM (6 years ago)
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steveoneal at 12-11-2013 02:06PM (6 years ago)
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if she knows how to blackmail people,,she should  also know that her days are numbered as she might be   hunted, especially in a country where you have no security,
proly at 12-11-2013 02:14PM (6 years ago)
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Idbabe at 12-11-2013 02:43PM (6 years ago)
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The body no fine, am out of here
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