Oscar Pistorius Who Murdered His 28-Year Old Model Girlfriend, Finds Love Again

6 years ago by: Victor A. Ofoma
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                          Pistorius with murdered former girlfriend

      New girlfriend, Malan

Oscar Pistorius who is awaiting trial for the murder of his model ex-girlfriend found dead in his home on Valentine’s day last year is reported to be dating again. Pistorius is said to be dating 19-Year old Leah Skye Malan, a college student he met in December in Mozambique where the teen was holidaying with her parents and younger brother.

They both seem really into each other. She’s helped support him through this difficult time and has introduced him to all her family, who have embraced him”, news.com.au reports.

Malan is believed to be the first woman Pistorius has dated since his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, 28, was shot severally by Pistorius, claiming he thought an intruder had barged into his home. Reeva later died from the bullet wounds before help could get to her.

-- dollypiper (f) at 1-03-2014 01:17PM
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he kill you just as he killed the latter
-- Topsylucas (f) at 1-03-2014 01:21PM
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Na normal thing na,soldier go,soldier cme,barrack is neva empty.
-- okilo101 (m) at 1-03-2014 01:42PM
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No kill dis 1 o!
-- angesco (f) at 1-03-2014 02:48PM
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If Pistorius had been a BLACK SOUTH ARFICAN who had committed this crime he woukd be in prison from the date of the crime up unril the court date!!!!

But what do we have in the case of WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN - a free man. Still going ro sport meets, indulging the cameras and living his life virtually a king!

It appears in SA thst  the law of being innocent until proven guilty is the perogative of the "settlers" and not the owners of the land!!!!

-- gmarley (m) at 1-03-2014 03:24PM
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 Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
-- christianity (m) at 1-03-2014 03:39PM
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 Roll Eyes Shocked Cry Roll Eyes
-- winace (f) at 1-03-2014 04:33PM
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No comment
-- osarobo62 (m) at 1-03-2014 05:08PM
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another cow being led to the slaughter  Huh?
-- Larry28 (f) at 1-03-2014 05:16PM
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Soldier go soldier cum, barrack no dey change
-- victormorgan (m) at 1-03-2014 06:22PM
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Na wahoo.
-- gbojac (m) at 1-03-2014 06:59PM
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-- cocoeni (f) at 1-03-2014 08:00PM
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-- spiridion (m) at 1-03-2014 08:33PM
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Very distressing to note.
-- dickman2 (m) at 1-03-2014 10:41PM
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wait oooh ..this women self them get sense at all...maybe na dick he go use kill this one ..by the way she get family so ..we hope the family dey see their dog out of control..na she sign am oooh..
-- osamabinladin (m) at 1-03-2014 10:46PM
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 Roll Eyes
-- DRraze (m) at 1-03-2014 11:38PM
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If this fool was black, his black ass would be in Jail and he would be in a place where he'd beg to see d sun let alone having time to date another potential dead meat. #BlackConciousness
-- escapedprince (m) at 2-03-2014 05:04AM
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For an amputee, this guy is doing well for himself , with regard to having pretty girlfriends .
-- chicco77 (f) at 2-03-2014 06:53AM
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wat  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
-- Haso112 (m) at 2-03-2014 08:40AM
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Well, he can enjoy all he can for now, his trial starts tomorrow, back to reality for the dude.. If found guilty, life imprisonment is sure or a long jail term.. I don't know much about South Africa, but in the USA, with all those evidence found against him at the crime scene, he will sure be guilty come tomorrow. If an intruder is in your house and he/she hasn't attacked you or you haven't even come in confrontation with these acclaimed intruder, self defense isn't called for and the first right thing to do was to call the cops before any shooting at all. I'll be following this case life tomorrow and I am sure money and fame is the reason why this Malan girl is dating him now, what a shame...!!!
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