BUSTED! Meet President Goodluck Jonathan's Second Wife, Lott Jonathan

6 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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According to our source. President Goodluck Jonathan is married to two women…reports say his second wife, Mrs Lott Jonathan aka Lott J is a top secret GEJ has managed to keep away from Nigerians.

Mrs Lott J is allegedly the mother of President Jonathan’s two boys. She bagged a law degree from Rivers State University.
Lott J is the daughter of Chief F.D. Lott, a renowned lawyer and former Attorney General of Bayelsa State. She is the cousin of Diezani Allison-Madueke, the controversy-inclined Minister of Petroleum, and the two are as close as blood sisters can be.
President Jonathan’s second wife‘s father is a member of the Governing Council of Niger Delta University, Bayelsa.

Lott J has been married to the president even before he joined politics. It was gathered that after Jonathan became the Deputy-Governor of Bayelsa State, Lott J tried to muscle her way into his heart, by using her two sons as a bargaining chips to tie his hand.
However, she met a resistance in a fiery Patience, who foiled all her attempts. By the time Jonathan became the governor of Bayelsa State, he decided to relocate his second wife and two sons to the United States of America.

Shortly after Jonathan became president, Lott J came back to Nigeria with her two sons, and made Abuja her place of abode.
Sources in the know disclosed that Mrs Lott J current lives on Maitama Street in Abuja and her husband visits her quietly every Sunday.

People who know her described her as a very gentle and easy-going lady who is way younger and more educated than Patience Jonathan. She is the founder of Abuja’s best private school, Aduvie Montessori International.

It is located on Blantyre Street Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent. Jonathan’s 2nd wife is not a stranger to the First Lady.

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naiaja i hail o...i think say na only ghana dey do all dis can cheap talk things  Roll Eyes
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We have heard dis b4 and I don't see how its our business. Its u men dat says african men have right to marry as many as he can take care of. And remember his wife Pat didn't have a child for him. Maybe its agreement btw thm to have kids outside wedlock provided it won't diturb their marriage. So nothg concern me and u.
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Kai.....GEJ !!!!
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How many times will you guys post This?  Undecided

-- Giftous1 (f) at 25-04-2014 07:33AM
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Abegy....poster keep calm!!!....is he the first?? How many wives did OBJ have?? Why make his a front-line.....mind our bussiness...make una allow the man drink water drop cup na
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lack of job is the course of this  shit
-- beneno (m) at 25-04-2014 08:05AM
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 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
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old news
-- tankNZ (m) at 25-04-2014 08:33AM
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wow hehe Roll Eyes
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Nice one....Naija!

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This tory don tey na

-- Ifemylove (f) at 25-04-2014 09:29AM
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big lie
-- malvin2525 (m) at 25-04-2014 09:39AM
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old post
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Quote from: Ifemylove on 25-04-2014 09:29AM
big lie
u can give us small lie then
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poster shey naso news scarce?wey u dey repeat post
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Old story
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which pic be dat way u put there so wey u no allow us to see very well. because i suspect say na pe pe be that wey dey hug her husband jo jo.
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