Finally, Sanusi Enters Palace To Ascend The Throne As Emir Of Kano

5 years ago by: Opemipo Adeniyi
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(m) at 13-06-2014 09:16PM (5 years ago)

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The new Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has finally entered into the Emir palace to begin his ascension to the throne as the Emir of Kano.

Sanusi arrived the palace lateafternoon on Friday from the Kano government house that had served as his abode.

Upon arrival at the palace, the new emir conducted the late afternoon Asr prayer inside the palace mosque and was received by hundreds of joyous subjects in the palace.

Sanusi departed the Governor’s lodge in Kano around 3.30pm after conducting the Friday Jummaa’t prayers and the 7th day Fidau prayer for the late Emir, Ado Bayero.

A continent of curiously a contingent of policemen accompanied Mr. Sanusi well wishers, supporters and palace guards.

Sanusi, who was driven into the palace in the official vehicles of the emirate successfully entered into the palace through brand new gate, specifically erected for his entry as part of an age-old tradition.

The palace guard then unleashed a series of gunshots  to mark his entry into the palace.
The Emir has since returned to the Government House.
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beneno (m) at 13-06-2014 10:10PM
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warever ,no level  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
chicco77 (f) at 13-06-2014 10:13PM
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Larry28 (f) at 13-06-2014 10:14PM
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Same old shit
Freshlycrazy (m) at 13-06-2014 10:14PM
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ok...  but Casillas nid to retire
dareper (m) at 13-06-2014 10:38PM
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dawalomo (m) at 13-06-2014 10:45PM
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Long life.
Abubu86 (m) at 13-06-2014 10:46PM
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Allah ya ja zamani sarki Sanusi
okilo101 (m) at 13-06-2014 10:52PM
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Long life
queenbabe (f) at 13-06-2014 11:12PM
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Mu di ari.
SugarBB (f) at 13-06-2014 11:23PM
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I feel sorry for indigenous Christians from that evil sharia state, it's only God that can save them from this devilish man Sanusi.  This emir of boko haram will meet his Waterloo soon. Roll Eyes

schmit (f) at 13-06-2014 11:26PM
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No be dis man marry him cousin?
dondada4040 (m) at 14-06-2014 12:14AM
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They don broker deal btw GEJ and Sanusi; guy enter there, face your throne, I no wan hear piam and the case close. I hail naija for real.
papadip (m) at 14-06-2014 12:26AM
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That's nice......
dollar22 (m) at 14-06-2014 01:22AM
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Quote from: Freshlycrazy on 13-06-2014 10:14PM
ok...  but Casillas nid to retire
deboalabi262 (m) at 14-06-2014 01:55AM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Embarrassed

shannon034 (f) at 14-06-2014 03:51AM
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Emir of APC Political Party  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Wysetots (m) at 14-06-2014 04:40AM
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Quote from: SugarBB on 13-06-2014 11:23PM
 This emir of boko haram will meet his Waterloo soon.

That is the correct title !!
ABILITY009 (m) at 14-06-2014 08:12AM
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Quote from: Larry28 on 13-06-2014 10:14PM
Same old sh*t
. Am very sure you dnt have a king where you come frm
johnaguinam (m) at 14-06-2014 08:27AM
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mtcheeew y celebrate an agent of Lucifer
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