Christ Embassy Is Split Over Chris Oyakhilome Divorce, Members Are Now Rebelling

Published On: August 31, 2014, 1:19 pm
Daniel Bosai
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Hope y'all remember that pastor that said there was nothing scripturally wrong with masturbation? well things are not going quite well for him under his roof, his wife filling for divorce, his junior pastors revolting and social media addicted members trolling all over the internet with spiteful messages.
Looks like members of Chris Oyakhilome's Christ Embassy church are divided over his split from his wife Anita who filed for divorce a few months ago on the grounds of 'unreasonable behaviour' and 'adultery'. On a Facebook page called 'Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome,’ some members are putting their pastors and church on blast...

Yesterday, one member wrote

    "I am a Christ Embassy member. I hate one thing there: How can a pastor be walking together with a lady hand in hand, attending meetings and lodging in a hotel for days. My girlfriend travels with our branch pastor annually for PPCF which holds in Lagos. Only God knows.”  

Another one wrote;

  "Pastor Chris Oyakhilome must have been discovered compromising his marital bed business. It is what it is. God says judgement will start from His house. ‘Touch not my anointed’ is God’s instruction regarding all His children, not an individual nicking, scheming, threatening monies off people’s purses and telling them that salvation is tied to tithes and that seed sowing is only money donation to the church/pastor’s coffers. One down, more to roll. Christ be praised.”

Another member of the page wrote

   " I and my family left Christ Embassy for our own good after worshiping there for three years plus and seeing all the things going on under the disguise of church. And I can comfortably say that for over a year now, we have had so much peace in our Christian lives. I don’t care how you view my comment but truth must be told.”

Joseph Osagiede, however, responded saying the Oyakhilomes were still together. He said,

 “I have been in Christ Embassy for 12 years. All is totally well with their marriage. All those wishing them to split and also those going about saying nasty things about the church, be careful.” Faith Ebunoluwa Adetayo also said, “I have been in Christ Embassy since 1990s and I can authoritatively say some things: I have seen the power of God work, demonstrated in healings and many other things. I have seen how that Pastor Chris is less concerned about mistakes we make. “He believes that these sins of the flesh will disappear, only if we listen to the word of God. Rather than condemning us, he speaks words of encouragement. And for your information, Pastor Anita is still very much in the ministry and she’s with her darling husband.”

Meanwhile, the Christ Embassy has kept mum on the divorce case.

A woman, who picked Punch’s call to the Nigerian office of the church on Saturday, said she had no information to give on the matter. When asked to confirm if the divorce suit was true or not, she simply said, “I have no information to give on the matter.”

When another call was made to the church thorough another number, the respondent, who identified herself as Pastor Christabel, said the church had no information about the case. “No, we have no information on the matter,” she said.

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warever  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
-- lychi_kia2 (f) at 31-08-2014 01:49PM
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Judgment is of the Lord. Sooner or later the real truth will unfold. For now, I rest my case b4 I invite the anger of God over my life for speaking evil again He's servant. You all shld be careful and stay away from the issue of the man of God
-- angesco (f) at 31-08-2014 01:54PM
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All MAN-MADE "churches" will go the same way!
-- dareper (m) at 31-08-2014 01:57PM
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I see
-- paulohking (m) at 31-08-2014 02:15PM
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what d'you expect
-- chicco77 (f) at 31-08-2014 02:30PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- Joyous01 (f) at 31-08-2014 02:59PM
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hmm,which one we go believe?
-- MrGreats (m) at 31-08-2014 03:42PM
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leave men of God alone,u ppl re busy castigating him and uv forgotten his works of love,how many ppl he has helpd to bcom somthing today how many families he has restored,uncountable testimonies,where wil i strt.
its normal for ppl to always see 1% not done but easy to forget 99% done for them.the man was good,is good and wil continue to b good as far as im concern.
dont forget how david was always after women in d bible,he even killed a man to keep his wife yet God said david is a man after his heart.Jesus said He is of the tribe of david.the same man.
finally dont forget wht Jesus did wen they tried to stone that woman.
He said,he witout sin should cast d first stone.
even if he did it,i dnt care.its not my biz.if i were his member,i wouldnt hav bn there bcos of him but to meet God.even if he goes i wil remain there,soldier goes n com,barrack remains.but im not his member.but iv seen,iv heard. he is good.
99/100 is an excellent result.haters shuld go test their faith first.
remove d plank in ur eyes first, see all the problem in ur life and u stil hv tim to discuss anothers' u so hav tim?
its a pity.
-- orekiata (f) at 31-08-2014 03:45PM
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No trial without promotion,  May God keep on protecting His men from PhD syndrome (pull him down).  Remember nobody flog a dead lion.
-- morgrawl231 (m) at 31-08-2014 06:07PM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
-- schmit (f) at 31-08-2014 06:12PM
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If God carry cane enter church, people back go peel well well including pastors hiss
-- schmit (f) at 31-08-2014 06:13PM
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Quote from: Nyakinic on 31-08-2014 02:16PM
Hmmmmm Ebola strikes
LOL na so we see am my brother
-- yklukmon (m) at 31-08-2014 06:19PM
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God knows best.leave judgement to him.
-- seveneleven (m) at 31-08-2014 06:32PM
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i close my mouth
-- samadepet (m) at 31-08-2014 08:46PM
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me know since say dis man na fake.. no man of his pocket...
-- abdulk (m) at 31-08-2014 09:59PM
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One can only imagine if dis was a mallam all we would read will be insults.
On the other hand, thot divorce was a no go area, just wondering.
-- cocoeni (f) at 31-08-2014 10:29PM
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-- sarah555 (f) at 31-08-2014 10:54PM
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-- deboalabi262 (m) at 1-09-2014 01:45AM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed

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