Is it a good idea for a couple to tell each other how much money they make? (Page 5)

10 years ago by: PRINCE OBINECHE
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-- Henry_Julian (m) at 6-10-2009 11:02AM
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You should make sure you know the kind of person the person is before telling him/her as people can be very funny and takes advantage of others.

Outside this, there is nothing wrong.

The watchward is trust and dependability.
-- maraschino (m) at 6-10-2009 11:37AM
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omo! 4me i can do dat shit.... what for in the 1st place, all u nid 2do is take care of ur 4amily & notin else
-- maraschino (m) at 6-10-2009 11:41AM
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omo! 4me i cant do dat shit.... what for in the 1st place, all u nid 2do is take care of ur 4amily & notin else
-- dekatch (m) at 7-10-2009 11:38AM
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i think it is good because they are patners in not married though but i still tell my girl how much i also depend on the girl.if all the sisters will face reality and forget all about frivolities,their men will open up to them.although some men are something else,they use it as a measurement of their supiriority.some sister are good planners and i respect them a lot.
-- macgreat (m) at 7-10-2009 11:54AM
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It is a most to tell but not necessarily important Huh? 

-- simele (m) at 7-10-2009 01:28PM
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Quote from: princemech on  1-10-2009 12:14PM
Without personalizing this issue which could detract from the topic, I would like to know if you think it is a good idea for a couple, who is in a relationship, but not living together, to tell each other how much money they make, and why you feel this way?

some certain amount not all
-- Hearthrob (f) at 7-10-2009 05:28PM
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It depend
-- bettynash (f) at 28-04-2011 08:26PM
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is a good idea to hv a join account wat matters is the underst that flows in
-- tando (f) at 28-04-2011 08:29PM
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that's a huge mistake
-- Nglite (f) at 29-04-2011 08:07AM
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It's a very gud idea. The wife will not make demands outside her hubby's income esp

-- soljurn16 (m) at 29-04-2011 10:39AM
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No mata how much money ur wife makes she'll want to know what u r worth,and d moment she knows..., long throat don enta..., sorry to say this u can neva satisfy a woman's financial needs and to avoid troubles let her know u hav a limit u can give to her so she'll be used to the fact....,
-- dickman2 (m) at 8-07-2012 04:24AM
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-- layuz1 (m) at 7-09-2012 09:49AM
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If she understand no problem.I can only do that wen I get married
-- zezprincess (f) at 24-01-2016 01:53PM
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Haba @ poster,which kind yeye question be that? Why you no go tell am? Abi she no be your wife again? Which kind nonsense be this?
-- DAMILARE100 (m) at 25-01-2016 05:28PM
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Easy for men to say. But our women? Hmmmmmm
-- charisVEC (m) at 7-03-2016 10:19AM
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-- Fran6ixfox (m) at 7-03-2016 11:38AM
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not bad
-- Vectorcy (m) at 13-03-2016 08:14AM
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Don think is agud idea!dey will use it as a punch line when quarellin
-- emma4love3 (m) at 23-03-2016 05:53AM
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well i no see crime there theh supose to....
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