PHOTOS: Turkish Airlines Employee Assaults Nigerian Female Traveler In Istanbul [Video]

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A Nigerian traveler has accused a Turkish Airlines employee of assaulting her while she was at the airport in Instabul. The traveler hasn’t stated her name, but goes by @addictbypawprint on Instagram, and also put out videos and name of the person who allegedly assaulted her. She identified him as Selim Tartan.

Here’s her story as taken from Instagram: I checked in and my boarding pass said I was on stand by. The guy who checked me in told me to go and wait at the gate that I might be lucky to fly. I asked him why I was not informed as I bought a confirmed ticket that I needed to see the manager. Then the manager comes and said I should go and check the website for the terms of Turkish airline because a confirmed ticket did not mean I would definitely get a seat on the flight. I then asked for him to show me where that was stated on my ticket. Then the guy said I should stand there and keep asking. Meanwhile, there was a family of 5 who had the same problem and we all were displeased so I started taking a video of how he spoke as it was an extremely bad service. The rest of it was #assault #turkishairlines #customerservice When we got to the boarding gate, 15 people had standby boarding passes. Some passengers had bought their tickets since May. Turkish airline sold seats that had already been paid for and then offered us 300euro compensation.

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-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 27-08-2015 07:55AM
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wat nonsense
-- elchymo (m) at 27-08-2015 07:58AM
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It's not a new thing... Those guys are rude!!
-- Fashoney (m) at 27-08-2015 08:06AM
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Are U chidding me!!!
-- Giftedshady (f) at 27-08-2015 08:29AM
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This is pure nonsense it can only be done to Nigerian's
-- Anny01 (m) at 27-08-2015 08:33AM
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Smells like a real Fresh shit mehn.
-- gogoman (m) at 27-08-2015 08:57AM
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well welcome to turkey then! 
-- angesco (f) at 27-08-2015 09:20AM
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A pity. This is the same POOR MANAGEMENT that bought down Nigeria Airways back in the days!

My question is - was it stated on their website that confirmation that does not guarantee a seat?
-- Camara77 (m) at 27-08-2015 09:37AM
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what do u expect from a country that has no culture.....turkish airline my foot
-- ngfineface (f) at 27-08-2015 09:37AM
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Na wa
-- dickman2 (m) at 27-08-2015 09:41AM
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i see
-- Wysetots (m) at 27-08-2015 10:04AM
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*Shaking My Head*
-- dollypiper (f) at 27-08-2015 10:07AM
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Pele dear, I really hope you get restitution. But I honestly don't think its likely. That was how they misplaced one of my luggages back in 2012... It took them more than 3 months to settle the case, I had to keep going to their office everyday for three good months..
-- winace (f) at 27-08-2015 10:24AM
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Na wa o
-- beneno (m) at 27-08-2015 10:32AM
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Made in turkey
-- Trueyarn (m) at 27-08-2015 10:40AM
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Turkish una see una lyf outside
-- xtokelly (m) at 27-08-2015 11:03AM
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What did you expect from arabu
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 27-08-2015 11:33AM
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Thank you for the information, I was about to buy a Turkish airline ticket to Nigeria.
-- franklinseyea (m) at 27-08-2015 12:34PM
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Sorry dear....... it is well
-- chealseafc (m) at 27-08-2015 12:49PM
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and they want to enter EU.
i pity them.
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