Leader of Agbara bank robbery arrested in Delta state - Photo

Published On: November 22, 2015, 6:39 pm
Author: Daniel Bosai
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-- (m) at 22-11-2015 06:39PM

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The Leader of the gang that robbed some banks at the Agbara Housing Estate in Ogun state last week Thursday, has been arrested in Sapele, Delta state. Police sources say operatives of the In­spector General Of Police, Special In­telligence Response Team (SIRT) arrested the gang leader identified as Kelly Rotor at a wedding in Sapele yesterday where he was lavishing his own share of the loot from the bank robbery that saw a pregnant woman and a police officer get killed.

Kelly who was with some of his other gang members engaged the police in a shootout after they were rounded up. A police officer was killed during the shoot out.

Kelly who suffered gun shot wounds, was arrested and is now being interrogated. Police is currently working to get his other gang members arrested.

-- zezprincess (f) at 22-11-2015 07:11PM
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Endtime,police go show them pepper,them go smell rod till they are killed by the police,the reason that the police trace&catch them is cos the robbers killed a police officer,if not ,police no get their time,Trust naija police now.
-- adeniyisau (m) at 22-11-2015 07:21PM
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nah wa ooooooooo biafran come dey robb Nigeria bank
-- adeniyisau (m) at 22-11-2015 07:22PM
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nah wa ooooooooo biafran come dey robb Nigeria bank
-- gogoman (m) at 22-11-2015 08:25PM
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mmmm so police una fit work like this abi!!  why una no go rescue SAMSON SIASIA  MAMA?
-- temi_1 (f) at 22-11-2015 08:43PM
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-- victorstic1 (m) at 22-11-2015 08:48PM
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-- winace (f) at 22-11-2015 09:12PM
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Well done police. Dis is d kind of information we want to be getting from d police not for them to be accomplish.
-- olaakanbi (m) at 22-11-2015 11:18PM
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-- spekay (m) at 23-11-2015 01:08AM
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Hope they get the rest
Good work so far .  for tracing the dick up to Delta
Thats a long way

-- Zadok1 (m) at 23-11-2015 02:54AM
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Quote from: adeniyisau on 22-11-2015 07:21PM
nah wa ooooooooo biafran come dey robb Nigeria bank
Your Father
-- dickieponga (m) at 23-11-2015 04:26AM
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U no fit kill police make u get away wit am...
-- Novic (m) at 23-11-2015 07:05AM
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Seriously somepeople are so useless sha. i dnt knw they can use there hand to work for there own money and to they steal person money then knw.
-- winace (f) at 23-11-2015 07:37AM
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Quote from: winace on 22-11-2015 09:12PM
Well done police. Dis is d kind of information we want to be getting from d police not for them to be their accomplice
-- chudieze (m) at 23-11-2015 07:46AM
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honestly I have been waiting for this day for the police force to say they have been caught. it's easier to catch arm robbers now becos of satellites.  Mr arm robber ur days are numbered. in fact nke gi agwugo.
-- ngfineface (f) at 23-11-2015 08:07AM
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Great job. Imagine how they wasted the life of a pregnant woman. I pray they kill him slowly like Samuel Doe so that if there is reincarnation, he will never go into robbery again. Oloshi! So na to see money spray for wedding make you go thief abi? Rest in pieces.
-- sugarwealth (f) at 23-11-2015 08:21AM
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This is good news. The criminal even went to a wedding and was doing big man, spraying and lavishing money anyhow? Ur time is up
-- sesan880 (m) at 23-11-2015 08:56AM
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Make una kill am oo no going to court self idiot I knw see work do na robbery
-- Ladyhap (f) at 23-11-2015 10:15AM
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 Zadok1 (115)  on: 23 Nov 15, 02:54 AM (7 hrs ago)
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Quote from: adeniyisau on 22 Nov 15, 07:21 PM
nah wa ooooooooo biafran come dey robb Nigeria bank.

Adeniyisau are you ok?
show me your face to know if you are not one of them.
biafran biafran. make biafran stand now whether ur Papa no go claim say e be biafran. Yeye like you.
-- bankadetoun (f) at 23-11-2015 02:34PM
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Good job.
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