Nigerian Rapist Who Deceived People With False Christian Life Jailed For 24-Years In UK

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(m) at 21-01-2016 07:21PM (4 years ago)

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A Nigerian rapist who deceived people by volunteering in his local church and making people believed he was a good christian has been jailed for 24-years after he was found guilty of molesting two girls.

This is the smirking sex offender who raped one 17-year-old woman and tried to attack another at knife point. Oluwadamilare Baiyewu, 22, who posed as a church volunteer to mask his sexual depravity, was today jailed for 24 years for the horrific assaults.
He was described as a 'dangerous, calculating and predatory rapist' who created the image he was the 'pillar of the community' by helping out at the church. The court heard how Baiyewu, from Fairlawn in Greenwich, first grabbed a 17-year-old at knife point on December 2, but she managed to break free and escape.
A week later, in the same area of Binsey Walk, Thamesmead, he grabbed a victim, also 17, as she got off the bus at 7pm. He put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her before marching her into a bin storage area under a walkway. He then raped her in a secluded area. Baiyewu was tracked down after DNA linking him to the attacks was recovered.
He was arrested on December 16, and was placed on an identity parade where he was picked out by the victim whom he had attempted to rape. He was today sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court to 24 years in prison. He will serve a minimum of 16 years in prison and will then be on license for eight years.
Detective Constable Chris Hammond of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command said: 'Oluwadamilare Baiyewu is a dangerous, calculating, predatory rapist.
'He volunteered at a local church, creating the image that he was a pillar of the community, which I believe was an attempt to mask his true nature as a sexual predator.
'I would like to praise his victims for having the strength to come forward to police and give their evidence in court.
'The streets of Thamesmead are now a safer place without the presence of Baiyewu.'
Det Con Hammond added: 'Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Baiyewu refused to accept his guilt. He manipulated the legal system to cause two trials to be adjourned which caused both victims further distress.
'I would like to thank the two victims in this case who maintained their commitment to the prosecution despite Baiyewu's deliberate attempts to prolong proceedings.
'Thankfully their will to see Baiyewu pay for his crimes enabled the trial to proceed at the third attempt and Baiyewu was rightly convicted of all charges.'
Officers are appealing to anyone else who feels they may have been a victim of Oluwadamilare Baiyewu to contact them via 101. Any calls will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.

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owoeyef1 (m) at 21-01-2016 07:42PM
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Hahahaha yoruba The stupid bastard have ever seen.
Yorubas are thieves and Rapist
Oworen25 (m) at 21-01-2016 08:05PM
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Just take a look at his face and you will know that this one is a real criminal.
emma4love3 (m) at 21-01-2016 08:12PM
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God don catch am......stupid boy...
u dey better country.. u decide say
nah to dey hijack honeypot.....
animal in human nature
Wazubia (m) at 21-01-2016 08:22PM
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Quote from: oworen obong on 21-01-2016 08:05PM
Just take a look at his face and you will know that this one is a real criminal.
Dont mind him, he thought Uk is Ajegunla. Wash wash fake pastors everthing goes.
gogoman (m) at 21-01-2016 08:29PM
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This idiot dey rape why pelnety pu**y dey yanfu yanfu for peckham .. mad man him be
benson4you (m) at 21-01-2016 08:37PM
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Sometimes I wonder what the world has turn into.
SOGaiya (m) at 21-01-2016 08:58PM
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Stupid boy
Ennyolalekan (m) at 21-01-2016 09:27PM
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u are disgrace to Yoruba Land....idiot.
yemoma (m) at 21-01-2016 09:42PM
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With all the ashewo's in Greenwich u can't pay for one. You want to yansh by force. Idiot.
nwaafoigbo (m) at 21-01-2016 10:10PM
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Quote from: Ibraheem Olalekan on 21-01-2016 09:27PM
u are disgrace to Yoruba Land....idiot.
that is yoruba man logo
DAMILARE100 (m) at 21-01-2016 10:47PM
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Bastard spoiling Nigeria name all over the world
kp45 (m) at 21-01-2016 10:59PM
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Mad man
Machealex (m) at 21-01-2016 11:13PM
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This guy na the highest fool I have ever seen.
akinmanchy (m) at 22-01-2016 06:44AM
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Wen all men dey hustle tight to make money u dey apply ur power on YOYO, mumu somebody

zezprincess (f) at 22-01-2016 07:11AM
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Mkpi,He-goat,You see your life? Go jail go spend solid 26 yrs,by the time you come back,you go no say calabar no be small city.Rubbish.
bebmigared (m) at 22-01-2016 08:19AM
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Trueyarn (m) at 22-01-2016 08:19AM
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proly (f) at 22-01-2016 01:06PM
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Mkpi ajanna. ..rot in jail....serves u right
giftmurphy (f) at 22-01-2016 05:29PM
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lol, see him smiling!!!
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